22 comments on “UFC 169 In-Depth Preview – MMA Vivisection”

  1. dagrimmreepa says:

    also, i do think starting with the main event and going down is a good
    idea, cos you aren’t as tired and talked out by the time you get to it.
    leads to better analysis of the most important match ups.

  2. jazzlive says:

    Conor is a great additon

  3. thomas maschine says:

    overeem was never a combinaton puncher in k-1!!, he weighed in(for the WGP)
    at 138kg=305 pounds(the horse meat;-)) he got champion because aerts was
    completly exausted after his fight with schilt and saki had a broken arm
    after his fight with ghita….SAKI was the real champion of that

  4. dagrimmreepa says:

    1:09:00 – “Don’t point.”
    I can’t believe you didn’t come back with a “It’s my podcast and I’ll point
    if I want to.” It would have been so perfect.

  5. thomas maschine says:

    saffedine has a really good one(brazilian kick) for me he is a future title
    contender,carlos condit throws it also sometimes but i dont like the
    execution that much….

  6. thomas maschine says:

    looks like his real name is Krylov Mykyta….he won some bulgarian junior
    kyokushin tournament in 2008,

  7. Kenro200x says:

    First I hated the pipe prop. Now I dig it.


  8. Joe Farries says:

    I just want to hear about “phase shifting”

  9. henrysto says:

    Immutable Dallas? Let me tell you about that guy. 

  10. WilliamDanigan says:

    Been a fan since the origins. This has been the best show so far in my
    opinion. Keep the formula, its perfect the way it is. Connor is great, way
    better than that f***** idiot guy. Lol
    Kid Nate and Dallas are BOSS!
    Keep up the great work guys! Fanboy out.

  11. shonuffLA says:

    Start with the main event

  12. Michael Ruebusch says:

    My sons second Youtube UFC video. Watch and see how unclean our basement

  13. thomas maschine says:

    for me it was a mixture of a full roundhouse kick and a round kick
    mr.rebusch…but not a brazilian kick,….let me know what you are thinking

  14. TheMMAbreakdown says:

    ricci knocked out magny with standing elbows in the first round

  15. Jamie Linley says:

    Only posh uk boys go to private school and theres no such thing as a posh
    fighter;) plus if you ever want to know an english persons class staus just
    listern to there accent, if they sound like an extra for a Guy Richie film
    they are working class.

  16. Denis Horvat says:

    the return of chewie !!

  17. Ad nauseum says:

    I’m not sure it matters, but I prefer when you guys start at the bottom of
    the card and then proceed to work your way up it. 

  18. Damn Severn says:

    Rashid has been training with Team Takedown.

  19. Damn Severn says:

    Gasan also has an extensive background in Wushu Sanda.

  20. Damn Severn says:

    sup dallas

  21. G_A_B_O_S says:

    Start with the main card. You guys tend to talk more in depth in the
    beginning and rush the main card.

  22. jazzlive says:

    It’s better to start at the bottom of the card as you’ve been doing. You
    get through the no names while the audience is fresh and give them a reason
    to keep watching. If you start with the main card you’ll probably have more
    drop off and people tuning out half way through

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