23 comments on “UFC 170 Aftermath: Rousey TKOs McMann on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Killa Kam says:

    What people don’t talk about is the first 3-4 knee’s Ronda landed at will
    and Sarah McMann not knowing how to block them, those were all brutal I saw
    that TKO coming from a mile away. It would of ended like that no matter
    what, great stoppage, Ronda even called it. mcMann needs to go train some
    Muay Thai in the clinch, not just “controlling the tie” cuz she got rained

  2. Crazea says:

    early stoppage, if it was reversed both dana and ronda would be bitching so
    loud herb would be banned from reffing ever again…

  3. dee aldo says:

    put bk Steve Mazzagatti to ref main event then no one will complain about
    early stoppages…

  4. Tyranitroll says:

    Haters blaming Herb cause they can’t use “she can only win by armbar”
    excuse lol.

  5. prfctstrngrz says:

    Turd Dean is a bum. Maybe Pyle should have done like Barao and talked him
    into a stoppage. Would have saved Waldburger from taking that unnecessary
    beat-down. Inexplicably followed by yet another quick stoppage with the

    Considering how much experience Dean has, he’s as incompetent as they come.

  6. AbbaGames says:

    ”Dana on Cybrog”

    Really professional huys. 

  7. Edge Snob says:

    Herb Dean had 20k on Ronda.

  8. Ell Kollectr says:

    Browne vs Overeem……….

  9. Nuchraptor says:

    Did I want to see Rousey and McMann battle it out for a couple rounds
    ..yes. But I think Rousey would have put a beating on McMann especially
    after that liver shot that left her head wide open.

    And Rory did a great job of keeping his cool and landing good shots on Mia,
    I think he should have went for the kill when Mia slowed down, instead of
    pushing him away but that’s how dangerous Mia is on the ground you don’t
    want to give him any opportunity to submit you. 

  10. E LOZ Global says:

    mcmann did what she was supposed to do she was protecting both her head and
    her liver while she recovered, ronda also didnt really land HARD
    significant strikes while she was down. If its a body shot let them recover
    a bit, If she busted a bonner and crumbled straight up just lying their
    covering your face on the side then yeah stop that. They really need to
    take the reffing a step further especially when it comes to body shots, I
    dont want to see headshot stuns and body shot stuns treated the same way.

  11. ironeddymaiden6 says:

    herb had to make a call knee connected sara dropped and covered her side,
    ronda smashed her in the face 3 times without sara so much as putting her
    hand up herb called it on the 3rd punch and just as he did sara decided to
    get up whats he supposed to do take his decision back?

  12. pewpewetc says:

    BS stoppage way too early mcman deserves a rematch , he wouldnt have
    stopped it that quick if it was a mens fight and men can actually cause
    some serious damage…stupid .
    ronda clinched because she was getting rocked and wasnt liking the punching

    Glad that UFC sorted their shit out and gave melendez what he deserved

  13. orlando castro says:

    Daña white says that cyborg can’t come to the ufc and jump in front of
    everyone to get a title shot because it doesn’t make sense but patrick
    cummins geta to fight cormier when he isn’t even tables or had one fight in
    the ufc. Daña white is a piece of shit lol

  14. Cerezo Yambao says:

    it was an early stoppage because girls have no punching power and sara
    mcmann would have been fine to recover in 10 seconds atleast. they should
    make john or mario to ref main events, gtfo herb dean, please dana

  15. Bowmanganie says:

    “My body just moved to protect itself,” meaning, I turtled my ass up cause
    damn that hurt a lot.

  16. zZsmithXx says:

    ew rousey looks like an ogre after she fights

  17. ThumbdownMan says:

    Herb Dean is worse referee than Steve Mazzagatti.

  18. Jay Sin says:

    Herb is the man. If you think he was wrong then you obviously dont know
    much about mma

  19. Debtbully Payup says:

    This is a championship fight with athletes at the highest level Sara was
    going for the leg it was B.S>
    Ronda is a Beast!

  20. Khalid Khurasani says:

    John mccarthy is the best ref. Dana says herb dean is but I’ve seen bad
    stoppages from him long before the fight with faber and barao

  21. haza123b4 says:

    Refereeing is easy behind a keyboard.

  22. JwVanC says:

    They should let steve Masagati host

  23. philipee32 says:

    Ronda’s got too much POWER

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