17 comments on “UFC 174 Aftermath: Johnson, MacDonald, Arlovski Victorious on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. aaronCapricorn says:

    174: midget fight, GSP clone, and a couple of glass jawed heavyweights …
    edit: oh, almost forgot ovince st.preux. great job finishing a PPV fight..

  2. MrShottabiggs says:

    I do enjoy a Blacks analysis of fights, but he overthinks way too many
    aspects. This is why he never won a real fight as a pro. Pollack needs to
    stick to what he is paid for and just read the Teleprompter, not give
    uneducated opinions 

  3. HydroBud98 says:

    Johnson vs. Dodson II
    The winner of Pickett vs. McCall on July 19th vs. the winner of Makovsky
    vs. Formiga on August 2nd – #1 Contender for the winner of Johnson vs.
    Dodson II
    Benavidez vs. Cariaso
    Bagautinov vs. Moraga
    Gaudinot vs. Horiguchi
    The winner of Scoggins vs. Ortiz on July 6th vs. the winner of Lineker vs.
    Ozkilic on July 16th

  4. Edin Pandzic says:

    Half of the arena emptied during the main event lol….People were there
    for Rory. Nobody cares for flyweights……

  5. Edward Aziria says:

    Y not just have retired fighters as judges atleast it would b more

  6. Steven Taylor says:

    Surprised Ramdeen cares 

  7. Petri Rendi says:

    I don’t expect Rory to finish fight any time soon, he will probably go on a
    5 year run without a finish like GSP did.

  8. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    I think Robin is the man and his opinion should always be listened to and
    respected. That being said his argument that the UFC should “educate”
    people is ridiculous. It’s not that people don’t understand what is going
    on it’s that they don’t care. I’m very educated about mma and all it’s
    aspects but I don’t care if GSP can hold anyone down for 25
    minutes. Exciting doesn’t mean you have to “stand and bang” it just means
    you have to try and finish. Just like you can play the trap but you have to
    score goals.

    Also I know you’re embellishing your point but what does “two angry
    tattooed men” have to do with anything?

  9. nicumecu says:

    Kind of thinking U.F.C is hyping their fighters a little too much..Diego
    and Arlovski both got their win’s because of their popularity.Not because
    they actually won their fights..

  10. nicholas alvarado says:

    Nick Diaz!!!! Mutherfucker!!!! Pay NICK to fight McDonald!!! Sick fight..
    Aaron =BITCH 

  11. Chris Kwok says:

    I really had Schaub winning that fight

  12. pewpewetc says:

    rory made woodley look terrible , I just wish Mcdonald would be a bit more

  13. EyeSnortZeldaFairies says:

    No one breaks down Demetrious Johnson’s fighting style the way you guys do.
    Really educational for the casual fans ,thanks for the show guys.

  14. SkylineOwnz says:


  15. Marco Guerra says:

    Rory title contender?!?!?!?! damn, these canadians are blind
    Rory incredible to watch?

  16. blaze556922 says:

    So glad guys like you don’t run fighting organizations. You insult fans of
    MMA and this show by calling them uneducated because they want exciting
    fights. I love MMA and have been involved my entire life. I am here to tell
    you, as an educated fan, all real fans want finishes! I don’t know who
    wouldn’t combat in their combat sports. If you don’t like action, go watch
    BJJ and WWE.

  17. haza123b4 says:

    Tristar ruined Rory Macdonald.

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