9 comments on “UFC 175 MMA Roasted”

  1. Adam Hunter says:

    Here is the Brand New MMA Roasted Podcast for UFC 175 

  2. IHACKER316 says:

    Uriah’s chin anal is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard 

  3. tobias Mbonne says:

    Liked because of dude wipes. 

  4. d3bool96 says:

    dude u are too funny
    honestly can’t wait till I’m in the ufc to be made fun of by you :p !! 

  5. Martin Lemire says:

    I like you but damn… tie your hands behind your back!!!

  6. Damian Engoring says:

    The last one, lmao

  7. Tyler Dunham says:

    DEAD XD punching Uriah in the face killed me!!!!

  8. lawndogmoon2 says:

    The last joke was the best.

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