25 comments on “UFC 177 Aftermath; Next for TJ Dillashaw on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Zen Master says:

    Askren would beat many of the ufc’s top 10 welterweights IMO, it wouldn’t
    be pretty but he could do it.

  2. bayfinestz says:

    Another good epi from Robin Black but YOU! John Ramdeen, for the past epi i
    felt like you dont respect or have no idea what mma fighters go thur to
    give us fans a show..Plus, you got a face that people just want to punch..
    I DONT KNOW WHY I FEEL THIS WAY, I JUS DO! Again thunbs up for Robin Black
    a TRUE MMA ANALYST. Not just someone who can fucking read a screen..CUFF
    CUFF John Ramdeen!

  3. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    MMA would be so much better if people didn’t train to fight a certain
    person and instead trained to make themselves better. Dillashaw should have
    been able to beat anybody on Saturday and I think he could have because he
    doesn’t train for a person he trains for himself.

  4. syndicateprox says:

    Is there a reason Ramdeen is still working there?

  5. iamalex4life says:

    Fight network should follow robin on his last fight. How cool would it be
    looking at ur last fight with the weight cut, training, and the fight, can
    they allow cameras in between rounds? :)

  6. John Ferguson says:

    Soto wasn’t thinking about fighting for the title but best believe fighters
    will all be thinking “what if’s” when they go to an event from now on!

  7. iamalex4life says:

    Not sure why you guys took labour day off this clearly isn’t labour

  8. EyeSnortZeldaFairies says:

    Hey +Robin Black i heard u got one last fight coming up? when and where
    can i watch this? I really wanna see u kick some candy ass man.

  9. Alleyway Jack says:

    Aoki is legit one of the best fighters not in the UFC. I love that guy.
    He’s got some crazy finishes.

  10. Bornin Arkham says:

    More great insights from Robin Black. Great stuff as always!

  11. JwVanC says:

    The OneFC belt is so fucking ugly, who would want that shit. It looks like
    a cheap children’s toy belt. I guess it makes sense to have such a belt
    since their organization is mediocre.

  12. Kobi Black says:

    its alotta dick riding on this thread damn !

  13. K131399 says:

    with everything considered you really cant judge tj’ performance either
    way. fighting at this level has enough variables you have to overcome to
    win let alone changing opponents 1 day out. one thing is certain though and
    i think robin is again bang on, all the other killers who want what tj has
    are salivating. im sure the contending 35ers and even a few smaller 45ers
    are/were feeling blessed for not only seeing a tj that looked beatable but
    also getting to see how his default settings have changed since bang ludwig
    started to tweak him. you have to believe dominic has already now convinced
    himself that the belt is his to take lol 

  14. Balonishell says:

    great show!!!

  15. namlas01 says:

    robin black is good!, hope he does well in his next fight go willing, i saw
    a few of his fights, and the dude is a good fighter 🙂 

  16. optimine says:

    I didn’t pay to see it but it pissed me off to see Rogan’s verbal spanking
    of Barao. Most of us are adults and understood the possible circumstances
    of the situation and certainly didn’t need to see the ex-champ talked down
    to like a teacher would scold a student. 

  17. fareedom says:

    Robin’s analysis of the game plan changes and the”best stuff” comment was
    super insightful! Love your show! 

  18. Daniel Nine says:

    “somebody slip salt in my water”

  19. NoSkillzJustGillz says:

    robin has to cut weight to fight? look like he lost a few lbs…thx for all
    the content and gettin us hyped/informed about fights

  20. Crazy4Tediz says:

    5:38 great analysis

    ASSAUNCO lost that fight tho! IT WAS IS BRAZIL and the judges gave it to
    raphael BECUASE IT WAS AN “even” fight.. he was in his home IT SHOULD HAVE
    BEEN A CLEAR WIN FOR HIM.. but TJ WENT in there and risked his unbeaten
    streak and got robbed by the judges.

    if they give raphael the title shot I LIKE IT BECAUSE OF THE “BRAZIL”
    aspect”.. REVENGE FOR ALL THEM barao fans! theyll be riding the assaunco

  21. Swishah . says:

    That ONe FC belt is pretty rad

  22. DemigodX21 says:

    fucking love this show. keep it up :)

  23. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – UFC 177 Aftermath; Next for TJ Dillashaw on MMA
    Newsmakers: UFC 177 Aftermath; Next for TJ Dillashaw on MMA Newsmakers
    http://fightnetwork.com/ – Fight Network’s John Ramdeen & Robin Black bring
    us the latest including… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA

  24. LizardKillerAdamLanza says:

    Dodson vs TJ 2 FTW stop hating bitches we all know what happen the first

  25. blaze556922 says:

    Bathtub by TKO

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