20 comments on “UFC 178 Aftermath: Next for McGregor, Cruz & Cerrone on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Fresh Phily says:

    Ask Poirier and all the McGregor haters what they made of JDS knockout
    victory over Cain, it was a looping shot as he’s ducking, it happens and
    it’s perfectly legit and legal.

  2. westside273 says:

    why not show the finishes ?

  3. kingneddy says:

    Mcgregor is the GOAT! greatest of all time!! aldo’s head is coming off!

  4. Igor Podrug says:

    lol the footage looks like a stream from eurosports streaming site

  5. HydroBud98 says:

    Joe Silva and Sean Shelby have made horrible matchups. That’s partly do to
    all these shows but sometimes I think they’re just saving #1 Contenders,
    which, I think is bullshit.
    Machida vs. Dollaway does not make any sense right now. Should have been
    Machida vs. Souza and Dollaway vs. Romero or Dollaway vs. Leites. I would
    give Silva and Shelby a 6 or 7 out of 10.

  6. psytanto says:

    Always believed Eddie Alvarez is a natural FW. He fought LW at Bellator
    because he is not up against the best.

  7. Jeremy AMG says:

    what a great card

  8. K131399 says:

    the romero bullshit ruined the night for me. you can see how new people are
    to fighting when they dont automatically get what romero did was the lowest
    of the low. and big john fucked up bad. kennedy messed up by not jumping up
    on the cage in vistory when romero simply was unable or refused to get up
    off his stool. the noobies ignore that he was out on his feet 60 seconds
    prior to his quitting on his stool

  9. james velasquez says:

    Conor McGregor sooner or later will become a Champion. No doubt about
    Hell, maybe even in two weight classes.

  10. JwVanC says:

    Cerrone Vs Henderson

  11. xxcage223 says:

    Well, I’ll be damm, Dominick Cruz actually finished a fight. Dude look like
    he wanted and wanted bad. 

  12. Fear the RAC says:

    There is little question after the post fight presser that Mighty Mouse is
    more interested in having a shiney yellow belt than truly testing himself.
    Trying to convince people their are still challenges in his weight class is
    laughable. The great ones like BJ Penn, Randy the natural, even Pettis go
    where the fights are. Till he does that, he’s a run of the mill champion 

  13. pewpewetc says:

    that was a great card , great fights. Cruz looked awesome looking forward
    to that title fight bigtime.

  14. Ivan Reyes says:

    He got knocked the fuck out

  15. windsor laser says:

    Alvarez at 145? Not sure his style is suited for guys which are even
    faster than the 155ers. Lots of great fights for Alvarez at 155…
    Henderson and Diaz are a few that come to mind. How good is Alvarez in the
    UFC scheme of things, who knows… but he does put on exciting fights. So
    win or lose, I’ll be watching all the Alvarez fights… and all the Cerrone
    fights for the exact same reason. 

  16. MrWackywilson says:

    TJ – CRUZ…….wow

  17. Swishah . says:

    Eddie is a brawler from Philly, he’s no slouch in any sense, but Cerrone is
    a true kick boxer and he picked apart Eddie like an 8 year old on a slice
    of combination pizza. . I think ONE more win, a decent one, Cerrone
    deserves a title shot. I do have a fear though that he might end up like
    Matt Brown and get matched up with someone potentially dangerous and lose
    the momentum, but I hope not. He goes in to fight to make money and maybe
    without that added pressure of wanting a title is the secret to his success
    right now.

  18. Ivan Reyes says:

    Tim kennedy sucks!!!

  19. MrWackywilson says:

    Great card ….best card of the whole year…so far……
    unlucky dustin….conner was better on the night !

  20. Cage Riot MMA says:

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