UFC 179 MMA Vivisection preview, predictions, odds & analysis

Kid Nate hosts as http://BloodyElbow.com expert fight analysts Dallas Winston and Zane Simon look ahead to UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes 2 with predictions and odds for every bout.

6 comments on “UFC 179 MMA Vivisection preview, predictions, odds & analysis”

  1. JustLouIt says:


  2. gizmo nala says:

    wheres Redbush been at?

    Kid Nate fuckin nailed it with the hes been around so long even Eugene
    knows who he is, actually made me laugh 

  3. Dan krier says:

    good stuff kid na te’

  4. chillinewm says:

    I like that Zane brought up how untested Mendes is in the championship
    rounds. Connor is obviously a genius analyst, but who’s to say a
    fast-twitch brick shithouse like Mendes wants anything to do with the late
    rounds in terms of gameplanning? I also think Mendes should hammer away
    with low kicks like last time. Maybe if Aldo’s legs are hurt and he
    believes Chad wants to throw, he’s raise up his stance and open himself for
    the double-leg. Can’t pick against Aldo though.

  5. Canadian UFC Fan says:

    Good breakdown fellas!

  6. manatee1992 says:


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