24 comments on “UFC 181 POSTMORTEM!!!”

  1. Adam Burnham says:

    CM punk, 37 years old with a 0-0 record gets a UFC contract? Yet Dana won’t
    sign Ben Askeren. K.

  2. John Sprunger says:

    Will you be doing a show about the decision or are you just gonna ignore
    the fact that Johnny Hendricks got robbed just because Robbie Lawler is a
    fan favorite? I mean the internet exploded when Frankie and Nick were
    clearly beaten, and you even did a show when Hendricks lost to GSP (A much
    closer fight then the one last Saturday). I just don’t want you to fuck up
    again Tommy you fucking clown shoes goofapus! 

  3. Chris l says:

    someone explain how a judge had the score 49-46 for lawler
    …………………….. fucking vegas

  4. frunchzz says:

    I think we can all agree that Hendricks took 2 and 3, and that Lawler took
    Round 1 was close, but Robbie outstruck Hendricks significantly, so I’d
    give that one to him as well. That leaves round 4 as the decisive round, a
    very close round. Hendricks was probably slightly better on the feet, but I
    think what won Lawler the round was the fact that the last 30 seconds he
    was just getting punched in the face while trying to hide his head
    underneath Robbie’s gonads. If it hadn’t been for that, he would’ve
    probably taken round 4 as well. and it would’ve been a 48-47.
    The 49-46 was bullshit.

  5. fantana says:

    Plain yogurt is actually pretty good.

  6. albozzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Why does Pettis have ears on top of ears?…

  7. OzGreat Sage says:

    Should’ve had Khabib and Pettis do a JJ and DC to Sholler, then have
    Khabib throw a bear at Pettis cause that’s how Nurmy rolls. Tommy you are
    now the Johny Hendricks of cartoon MMA because you also spend most of your
    time with your head between a man’s legs. 

  8. Idan Kesel says:

    I laughed out really loud at the end

    “where’s everybody going” you killed it tommy boy

  9. Bengals88 says:

    This would have been 100000x better if i didnt have to remind the fuck on
    twitter that his streak was about to end and Injurybug was going to pay him
    a visit. #Fuckthehaters

  10. therealearthmunkey says:

    This CM Punk guy will get worked over when he faces real fighters. Shit,
    he’ll be lucky if he fares well against the bottom feeders.

  11. Joe Lags says:

    Personally I’m disappointed Tommy. You didn’t even pay tribute to Big Rig
    in the post fight presser. He said “you know what I mean” AT LEAST 20
    times. Lmao 

  12. rloft123 says:

    dude your wheaties part was fucking awesome.. i was cringing at how corny
    that dude sounded asking those questions

  13. phoenixsplash135 says:

    That call out when Pettis said he was keen to fight was super weird

  14. Tony Cappa says:

    Made it about 30 seconds in before I realized my time would be better spent
    flicking my balls.
    …So yeah

  15. AverageAsianMe says:

    That was a very CM Punk answer.

  16. supasik1 says:

    this ttths wus a bust…. nice try tommy….eat a dick

  17. ellomirza says:

    This is brilliant social commentary. Bible esque. 

  18. MetalWar89 says:

    johnny hendricks part was great lmao 

  19. Chung Lii says:

    “Get outta here Nurmie!”

  20. William Flores says:

    Give him those nachos Johny!

  21. Andrew Tregoning says:

    weaties weaterson, genius

  22. Aaron Lassen says:

    Fuckin’ nachoes, man.

  23. Spider Jerusalem says:

    That decision was bullshit. Big Rig won AT LEAST 3 of the rounds.

  24. Snow Giffin says:

    Starting to think I’m the only fucking one who was pissed when Hen-Dicks
    lost the belt. Fuck Robbie Lawler that fucking Patrick in Spongebob b.c
    looking fuck

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