UFC 182 MMA Roasted

Here is the Brand New MMA Roasted Video for UFC 182. There are jokes about Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Hector Lombard, Myles Jury, Donald Cerrone, Vitor Belfort, Kelvin Gastelum, Bill Cosby,…

22 comments on “UFC 182 MMA Roasted”

  1. Colt Asice says:

    finally a wrestler that conor mcgregor is willing to fight lmao

  2. IHACKER316 says:

    haha brilliant – Bryan Caraway the queen of MMA – 

  3. Damian Engoring says:

    Still waiting for a bad episode. Hahaha these videos crack me up. 1:37

  4. ED MERCADO says:

    these vids are wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to short. 

  5. turtles says:

    Lol. Guys don’t get butthurt. Jones is my fav fighter, but he is not beyond

  6. Jeremy Nichols says:

    Hey Adam Thanks for the guest list a few years ago for one of your comedy
    shows in hollywood. I used to work at affliction you came in and grabbed
    some gear . Great to see you doing well with your career!

  7. Ben Millard says:

    I hope someone pays you big for these videos, material is fucking
    hilarious! Hope you can do a comedy show in the UK sometime in 2015.

  8. Zeko lva says:

    caraway a queen classic

  9. Han Benderson says:

    Great fuckin vid dude +Adam Hunter Top notch comedy! glad tommy toe hold
    shared this gem

  10. avisionofsorrow says:

    LOL Hilarious, I wonder if Dana has saw these?

  11. Weho2 says:

    f0k m8 1 luv 1t

  12. sdog8i says:

    Good job Adam. Enough with the Conor can’t fight a wrestler stuff though.
    He will annihilate the whole division.

  13. LeonidasTheGreatBear says:

    haha tis funny

  14. Andrew Stock says:

    Damn, great job man! Especially bringing in Kelvin!

  15. ChainedCrows says:


  16. MMA man says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaang! I can’t believe Kelvin said that about Woodley!!

  17. drotheill says:

    Lol that Caraway joke though.

  18. Teddy Graham says:

    Worth the wait…

  19. WWEMMA32 says:

    “At least he’s not Tim Sylvia” Lmfao!

  20. Lawrence Garcia says:

    Yep, Cowboy is definitely kicking your ass now

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