22 comments on “UFC 182 MMA Roasted”

  1. Colt Asice says:

    finally a wrestler that conor mcgregor is willing to fight lmao

  2. IHACKER316 says:

    haha brilliant – Bryan Caraway the queen of MMA – 

  3. Damian Engoring says:

    Still waiting for a bad episode. Hahaha these videos crack me up. 1:37

  4. ED MERCADO says:

    these vids are wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to short. 

  5. turtles says:

    Lol. Guys don’t get butthurt. Jones is my fav fighter, but he is not beyond

  6. Jeremy Nichols says:

    Hey Adam Thanks for the guest list a few years ago for one of your comedy
    shows in hollywood. I used to work at affliction you came in and grabbed
    some gear . Great to see you doing well with your career!

  7. Ben Millard says:

    I hope someone pays you big for these videos, material is fucking
    hilarious! Hope you can do a comedy show in the UK sometime in 2015.

  8. Zeko lva says:

    caraway a queen classic

  9. Han Benderson says:

    Great fuckin vid dude +Adam Hunter Top notch comedy! glad tommy toe hold
    shared this gem

  10. avisionofsorrow says:

    LOL Hilarious, I wonder if Dana has saw these?

  11. Weho2 says:

    f0k m8 1 luv 1t

  12. sdog8i says:

    Good job Adam. Enough with the Conor can’t fight a wrestler stuff though.
    He will annihilate the whole division.

  13. LeonidasTheGreatBear says:

    haha tis funny

  14. Andrew Stock says:

    Damn, great job man! Especially bringing in Kelvin!

  15. ChainedCrows says:


  16. MMA man says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaang! I can’t believe Kelvin said that about Woodley!!

  17. drotheill says:

    Lol that Caraway joke though.

  18. Teddy Graham says:

    Worth the wait…

  19. WWEMMA32 says:

    “At least he’s not Tim Sylvia” Lmfao!

  20. Lawrence Garcia says:

    Yep, Cowboy is definitely kicking your ass now

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