25 comments on “UFC 184 Fan Review – Ronda Rousey is the Mike Tyson of MMA?”

  1. OLE SammyOLE says:

    If Cyborg ever makes weight she does have the chance to KO Ronda. That is
    her only chance! Once it goes to the ground its ARMBAR!

  2. brian8556 says:

    May 2, 2015 is gonna be the best sports day ever, holy crap.

    -NBA Playoffs
    -NHL Playoffs
    -Red Sox/Yankees
    -Manchester City/Tottenham, a nice Soccer rivalry
    -The Kentucky Derby

    Holy crap.

  3. Ed Drabek says:

    I don’t think there has been a female athlete that has been as dominate as
    Ronda Rousey.

  4. CM Dell says:

    Ronda is amazing, wow

  5. James Thames says:

    anybody caught the shade Ronda threw at Cyborg? Ronda doesn’t give a damn
    at this point. 

  6. kingjames1101 says:

    With Tyson he was knocking fools out, this armbar shit isn’t fun to watch I
    didn’t even know what had happened at first 

  7. James Thames says:

    i would be down for a Tate/Rousey 3. Tate pretty much was the only girl to
    give Rousey a challenge. Rousey would win of course no problem but why

  8. VYPER89 says:

    howwww can u not love rousey? ive been saying it for years….lesnar and
    rousey need to make a baby!

  9. Garuda says:

    ronda rousey gives me a boner

  10. Ramsay Snow says:

    Cyborg needs to cut of her dick in order to fight the GOAT Ronda

  11. gnarleypunkroker5 says:

    i’d like to see a rematch of rousey zingano where cat doesn’t rush in at
    the start. i think rousey would obliterate holly….just like everyone
    else in the division.

  12. hidefanlovely says:

    Rousey fight was bull shit the real deal was the female fight before.

  13. Otis Gentle-King says:

    Conor McGregor fucking sucks. He beat Denis Sever… some guy ranked number
    10 or something like that. He didn’t even beat Frankie Edgar or Urijar
    Fabah. Until you beat the best FUCK OFF. I can’t wait for Jose Also to
    completely destroy him, and I want this fight to go 5 rounds. Just a GSP

  14. Ulysses J Smith III says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like Ronda Rousey but she is a beast. She has
    proven to be legitimate and it’s scary to think maybe she won’t be beat.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I said won’t be beat not CAN’T be beat. For a long
    time I kept hearing about how if Ronda fought cyborg she would get her butt
    handed to her, but I guess it was the other way around. Even I kinda
    thought before this fight she may be the one to beat Ronda. I know this may
    sound too farfetched and even unrealistic but maybe someone should call up
    Gina Carano one more time and try to get her to fight Ronda.

  15. Michael Olphert says:

    At this rate you’re going to have to feed some of the males to Rousey lol

  16. Mortal Kombat Reconciliation says:

    Your WWE reviews are great, but WWE is so boring and a waste of time now. I
    stopped watching WWE in 2006, and I tuned in to your reviews to check if it
    might come back to life again, but it seems to me like it’s hopeless. The
    only sport I watch is MMA. I always come straight to this channel after
    each PPV.

    P:S. Shane Carwin said he would un-retire to take out Brock Lesnar. I
    wonder how much better 100% Brock will be, and I wonder if he can beat
    Carwin again.

  17. sbblakey777 says:

    Meanwhile, FUCK THAT REF *Jarin Valel* for TWO *VERY LATE* STOPPAGES on two
    submissions. He was an amateur fighter and lost by rear naked choke before
    as well so I have no idea how this guy is a fucking ref if he’s that out of
    the zone.

  18. VYPER89 says:

    epicccc show. addictedddd to ufc 4 life

  19. brad morgan says:

    Holm won. But one thing holm needs to know is that the ref isn’t breaking
    them up when they clinch. If Pennington would have rushed her more I think
    she would have won. She wasn’t sitting down on her punches enough to rock
    Pennington so she had free range to rush in

  20. christian6455 says:

    If Ronda does ever lose it going to be a Big Fucking deal. And that women
    going to be Popular 

  21. Pelandinho Da Vinchi says:

    Well i want Zingano to beat ronda but that would never happen even in the
    rematch if there will be any rematch. There’s is one option tho, The Cyborg

  22. James Thames says:

    Might as well give Ronda Rousey her version of Mike Tyson “Punch Out” lol
    once she judo throws you 3/4 of your health is already drained lol. Punch
    out frustrated me so much lol 

  23. juice9100 says:

    UFC has the making of an epic year of fights. Cross our fingers

  24. ramabull007 says:

    I’ve seen her every fight in the UFC and she is just amazing. Ronda is the
    shit and i had not a single doubt that she would come out on top as she
    always does. 

  25. Babi Dofraki says:

    the biggest threat to Ronda ever was Cat Zingano and look what she did to
    her, so all this talk about cyborg, im sorry but she is just no match

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