16 comments on “UFC 184 MMA Roasted”

  1. CraigMVP says:

    You are one funny fucker Adam. Your podcast rocks too. Peace from England 

  2. 2koolTimx says:

    Adam the mma noob who ONLY comes to sherdog to promote videos never to say
    hi to people lol

  3. Saiga12Slug says:

    lol, @ the heavyweights joke! Its because people in the Philippines are
    tiny! GET IT!!!
    Uriah Faber and Franky Edgar are small to us Americans, but in the
    Philippines they are enormous human beings! Ha Ha Ha!

    P.S. – Could of done without that dude that walking on your set talking
    about pizza. 

  4. syndawg89 says:

    kicked that girl so hard Brian Williams said he was there


  5. Damian Engoring says:

    Still waiting for a bad MMARoasted episode… 

  6. Shane Geraghty says:

    Honestly the paige/fellice joke means you win the internet for today,
    nearly wet myself, your twitter page and podcast rock adam

  7. decimated550 says:

    This one killed it! Great star turn by Baszler
    jungle gym! Guy in front of me! instagram! LOL

  8. Norm Chung says:

    nice one, love it :)

  9. Kevin A says:

    The Vanzant vs Herrig joke was the one that had me laughing the hardest
    next to the urijah/edgar being heavyweights joke haha

  10. Peter Pottamus says:

    I didn’t want to laugh, but eating Brazilians for breakfast was too funny

  11. Liam Caffety says:


  12. JoshWolske .JoshWolske says:

    Ha Adam you crack me up.. Keep it up man 

  13. BAZER81 says:

    2:38 – Hahaha

  14. john pshitek says:

    Thanks, Nick Di Paolo!

    Where’s the Josh Neer-stuff?

  15. MetusBatman V2 says:

    Everything was good until Shayna Corny as Fuck and Needs to See a Fucking
    Orthodontist Baszler came in with her bullshit. Seriously, focus on winning
    your fight instead of crucifying us with your diluted ramblings…moron.

  16. Mr. Sandnaga aka Ukkuman says:


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