24 comments on “UFC champ Jon Jones pops for cocaine MMA Tete-A-Tete”

  1. Daniel Carter says:

    How does this make Jones less two faced? Aren’t there plenty of quotes from
    him purporting and anti-drugs stance?

    I once again struggle to follow Eugene’s logic.

    I don’t get Jones. How can you be a the dominant UFC champ and
    simultaneously the awkward family fuck up?

    I have no inkling what it would be like to know this guy on a personal

    Drugs aren’t decriminalized here in the UK either unfortunately. Our
    politicians aren’t smart enough to treat it like a public health problem. 

  2. Michael Thomas says:

    What about standards of morality??Conduct Unbecoming?And who is responsible
    for letting him compete when he tested dirty before UFC 182?Misleading the
    public is a serious subject!Jones is a walking “Conflict of Interests”!

  3. gizmo nala says:

    I really hope nothing but the worst for Jon aside something happening to
    his kids, I don’t give a shit if this clown ever fights again. He may be
    the greatest ever but it doesn’t matter if everyone hates his ass. Fedor,
    Andy, and GSP all have huge loyal fan bases for a reason, this clown is
    an embarrassment to the sport. 0 class 100% hypocrite 

  4. Young Libertine says:

    Not sure what eugene has against gus the mauler but he is going to beat
    rumble. And also just becuz the guy commented in jones performance on
    twitter means he isnt focused on rumble.. Ever think maybe he just watches
    the ppv as a fan and commented about it like.. Hmm i dunno the rest of the
    world did? Does not mean he isnt focused! And if he isnt then theres my
    excuse for his loss (which he wont)

  5. TANK SHERMAN says:

    Get that nigga Jones some gold fronts, a few more mixed babies by two or
    three more snow bunnies, add the coke bust and now we talking about a HEEL!

  6. ZuberiGaming says:

    U F C is all about money. Hypocrite organisation.

  7. Zabphoton says:

    The Gomi Diaz fight was on Pride. Technically a different organization than
    the UFC. 

  8. gizmo nala says:

    Eugene I heard Gus was arrested twice for felonious assault as a teen and
    served 15 months in prison. In other words hes doing what hes good at, I
    see no problem the two guys on the receiving end probably had it coming lol

  9. Casey Johnson says:

    i dont mind him doing cocaine, its just funny that so many people have been
    suspended for marijuana but when you r a money maker and get busted for
    cocaine, its out of competition and its recreation i just think its a
    double standard…if you make the ufc big dollars, you will be ok…im
    asuming he was in training camp. thats in competition in my opinion…and
    you shouldnt be doing it but whatever…

  10. Knox boxing says:

    BOUT TIME…..Thanks guys, we have waited long enough for comment/rebuttall
    from you!!! LMAO

  11. Damien Worley says:

    I’m more interested in the T/E test showing wildly varying levels and then
    a HUGE spike in epitestosterone. Because that indicates an external
    (artificial) source.

  12. Young Libertine says:

    Also eugene any chance i can find your book in jail? Thats the only time i
    ever read..

  13. begood20000 says:

    Conor McGregor used to sell cocaine. His nickname Notorious came from
    everything he did outside the cage before he was famous and before he began
    to take MMA as a serious endeavour. 

  14. gizmo nala says:

    Chuck Liddell is a great man and never came off as a douche, he gets a pass
    in my book. “Fuck Jon did ya hear that”

  15. Pedro Durán says:

    Im really disappointed with the ufc…. Fuck….

  16. kevin m says:

    Great show guys.
    R.I.P Len Bias.

  17. late privktorian era says:


  18. gizmo nala says:

    “I’ve read the comments on youtube” Kid Nate drops another classic 

  19. Trent McMichaelsworth says:

    Wasn’t weed just made legal in Alaska and Oregon? That would be four states
    now correct?

  20. Gabriel Verdon says:

    Whooooooo’s feeling ferocious!

  21. TheDriftingsmoke says:


  22. Billythebassist says:

    Eugene is what Jones will look like within a year.

  23. turcopoa says:

    When Joe Rogan was saying he would fail the test, was he talking about pot?
    Besides that he’s stated he’s under TRT and HGHRT…

  24. Roger Dodger says:

    eugene touched my peepee call me back dude wtf

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