23 comments on “UFC Fight Night 26 Conference Call”

  1. king bibibear says:

    @runenabled ,you’re an idiot, he’s a fighter not a linguist you pathetic turd, the ufc is an American organization with fighters from around the globe, not everyone is about to cater to your insignificant ass just because you said so, why don’t you go & learn another language just because it’s so easy

  2. king bibibear says:

    What channel will this be on dish?

  3. keenanmatchup says:

    he did took the fight with big foot seriously , big foot was just the better man that fight

  4. MrPhukYu says:

    Great fight. Looking forward to it, very much!

  5. Bornin Arkham says:

    I really hope Overeem takes this fight seriously this time!

  6. Bornin Arkham says:

    You should fuckin learn portuguese! Seriously. You watch Brazilians fight, sometimes in Brazil! Its unacceptable that you don’t speak portuguese.

  7. Yomomma Atmyhouse says:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP, is that english enough for you pal?

  8. angryn0oblet says:


  9. kevin s. says:

    sorry kid cant be done

  10. RGwhelan15 says:

    It just shows how much he cares for the english speaking fans.
    Also english is spoken in more countries then anything other language.

  11. RGwhelan15 says:

    I approve this message.

  12. Mike Olive says:

    I meant what I said. My comment isn’t incorrect.

  13. Cody T says:

    Stockton 209 wut! wut! wut! wut!

  14. RunEnabled says:

    Actually it’s unacceptable that I was born. Fucking retard. It’s unacceptable that YOU’RE alive.

  15. Venomvondoom says:

    Dude if u think chael iz afraid of wandy……

  16. Mike Olive says:

    It’s unacceptable that you’re still alive.

  17. misteromar7 says:

    Chael is such a pussy, Wanderlei told Chael to stop shit talking to his face and Chael looked at his feet and said ‘yes sir’ like a little bitch.

    I hope Shogun head stomps and soccer kicks him.

  18. MMA Videos says:

    Did he have to learn Japanese because he fought in pride retard…

  19. John F. Kennedy says:

    You must be retarded.

  20. blackops832 says:

    Aero actually shogun has done worse the past couple years, sonnen’s only lost 3 since his first lost to silva sonnen also has fought higher caliber competition than rua recently. Rua is deserving of chael this fight makes perfect sense and is not even remotely sad.

  21. Johny Zimmerman says:

    You sound like a complete moron pull your head out of your ass son,that’s the stupidest logic ever.

  22. Mixedhero says:

    Do i give fuck? No i don’t.

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