6 comments on “UFC Fight Night 32 Aftermath on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. mohammad haq says:

    omfg!!!! i was sooo excited to watch petttis fight! he is like my fav
    fighter!!! god damn it he needs to train more carefull he keeps getting

  2. jg0r says:

    If TRT is the sole reason why Belfort is killing it right now, why is it
    that Dan Henderson lost. He is also on TRT. As are/were numerous losing MMA
    athletes (Sonnen, Hendo, Rampage, Frank Mir). I’ve been a big fan of the
    show from the beginning but you guys have to be a bit more professional in
    terms of fact checking. You are paid to be analysts not to gossip and
    spread rumours, right?

  3. 4g63mark says:

    I love how you guys pull completely false bullshit out of thin air to
    demonize Vitor. Testosterone doesn’t have anything at all to do with
    reaction time or muscle memory. Please pull your heads out of your asses
    and just report the facts. Lots of fighters are on TRT yet you go out of
    your way to only talk about it with Vitor. VERY IRRESPONSIBLE!!!

  4. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – UFC Fight Night 32 Aftermath on MMA Newsmakers: UFC
    Fight Night 32 Aftermath on MMA Newsmakers http://fightnetwork.com – Fight
    Network’s John Pollock, John Ramdeen and Robin Black give us the latest in
    MMA including UFC Fight Night 32 aftermath; Vitor Belfort… #MMA @fightnet

  5. larsoveful says:

    Henderson is on trt to and he got his ass kicked,this is called racism

  6. Zahrlavi says:

    I still can’t believe Dan Henderson got destroyed like that.

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