10 comments on “UFC FN 56: OSP vs. Feijao, Bonnar Signs to Bellator on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. syndicateprox says:

    John Ramdeen is an Idiot. Fire him now.

  2. MrWackywilson says:

    If alex sits around too long his relevance and stock go down…….i mean
    there’s food on the table Alex…eat it up before someone else takes it off
    you……UFC lied to him though about the guaranteed belt shot i think. and
    he is PISSED OFF. BUT if he fights Rumble, im not sure hed win that one?
    what you guys think?

  3. Hunter Dean says:

    Robin, I love that bulldog shirt. Please let me know where you got it.

  4. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Ramdeen has no empathy for others, the guy doesn’t care about the fighters
    at all as long as he is entertained.

  5. Adam Glasgow says:

    Titos injuries forced him to have his head removed 3 times, spine turned
    upside down, back cut open to insert steel rods, knee caps turned inside
    out and set on fire. No wonder he has won 2 fights in the last 23 years

  6. Tren979797 says:

    I’ve found I’m more interested in the Bellator Cards lately rather than the
    UFC cards. UFC is spreading itself really thin lately and have had some
    atrocious cards 

  7. Colin Clark says:

    Tito ur gonna get ur ass kicked by bonnar

  8. Robert Schwartzback says:

    I know Robin gets a lot of fanbois on here … I’ll admit I’m one of them.
    He cracks me up. “Stephen Bonnar is acting like a pro-wrestler and doing a
    pretty good job of it, taking juice like a pro-wrestler….”. Hahahaha, I
    got a good laugh out of that. You know he respects Bonnar too … just
    snuck in a quick low blow, hehe. Well played as usual Robin, well played.

  9. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – UFC FN 56: OSP vs. Feijao, Bonnar Signs to Bellator on
    MMA Newsmakers: UFC FN 56: OSP vs. Feijao, Bonnar Signs to Bellator on MMA
    Newsmakers http://fightnetwork.com/ – Fight Network’s John Pollock, John
    Ramdeen & Robin Black… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA

  10. daniel de nava says:

    Bellator’s light heavyweight division should apply to be in the next
    Expendalbles movie…

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