25 comments on “UFC FOX 10 Aftermath: Henderson Decisions Thomson on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. kopxpert says:

    First things first, I’m very impressed with Josh. Fighting like that with a
    broken thumb at least 80% of the fight just shows how great of a fighter he
    is. Anyway, when I watched it live, I thought it could have gone either
    way. Then I went and read the the judging guideline/manual thing and
    watched the fight again, I thought Henderson edged Thomson. That’s all I
    can say and obviously I’m no expert

  2. Georges St.Pierre says:

    White Obama?

  3. Justin Austin says:

    I was at this fight and the 2 judges that scored it for Henderson were the
    only 2 people in that entire arena that thought he won

  4. mmafyasco says:


  5. HydroBud98 says:

    Melendez vs. Nurmagomedov or Nurmagomedov vs. the winner of Dos Anjos vs.
    Khabilov and Melendez vs. Grant OR! Henderson vs. Nurmagomedov, Melendez
    vs. Grant and Thomson, if he wants to come back…Thomson vs. the winner of
    Dos Anjos vs. Khabilov. There are so many options but these are my
    Lauzon vs. Diaz
    Miller vs. Green
    Cerrone vs. Barboza
    Ferguson vs. Cruickshank
    Masvidal vs. Castillo
    Stout vs. Njokuani
    Krause vs. Martins
    Chiesa vs. Nijem
    Noons vs. Dariush
    Maynard vs. Healy?
    Dunham vs. Wiman? I think Dunham beat Sherk and Dos Anjos and I think
    Dunham vs. Grant is a reasonable fight to bring up for debate. OR! Dunham
    vs. Healy and Maynard vs. Wiman OR! Dunham vs. Maynard and Healy vs. Wiman.

  6. jeff pope says:

    thompson won in my mind. but even though he lost, he still looked more
    impression with a broken hand/thumb

  7. Bornin Arkham says:

    Ramdeem looked stupid with the beard but I understand why he grew it now
    that we can see he whole face. He is going out of his way to get the word
    “GSP” into every single episode. Way to put your own stupid in-joke before
    the product that pays your wage.

  8. HydroBud98 says:

    I have only watched the fight once and my opinion is Thomson won rounds 1,2
    and 4. I need to watch the fight again though to come up with a real

  9. dirty06maggot says:

    lol at thomson giving the crowd a shout out on henderson back

  10. Edge Snob says:

    Henderson won are you guys delusional?

  11. James Peach says:

    you guys are my main source of fight recap news now. Love you guys, plz
    make more videos and longer more ramdeen robin even pollick even though i
    think hes weird

  12. Lopata991 says:

    Who cares who won. After that fight i don’t wanna see either one fight

  13. alexiskillmobile says:

    thanks for constant updates guys

  14. CruisinMac says:

    I agree with Robin, I had Ben just barely winning (and I was rooting for
    Josh), but, and a big BUT here, Josh would CERTAINLY have finished Ben if
    he had not busted his thumb. That was just a tough luck bummer. The only
    “robbery” that happened in the fight was Josh’s luck on busting his thumb.
    Hope he comes back and kicks some butt tho.

  15. pewpewetc says:

    Thomson would have won that easily without the broken hand …I see it this
    way henderson failed to decisively beat thomson even though he was
    basically fighting with 1 arm for 4 rounds… they need to give josh his
    fight against pettis.

  16. plaastick says:

    I thought Benson won the fight but hats off to Thompson for beasting
    through all those rounds with a broken thumb against one of the best. 

  17. jashickey says:

    I had it 48-47 for Thompson. John Pollock’s call exactly. Thompson
    1,4…and a reallly close round 2. but I’m open minded and accept the
    result…Too bad Thompson don’t seem to want to continue…He really is a
    top echelon fighter in the world of MMA Lightweights!! Kudos to him for a
    great performance under “less than ideal” circumstances!!!

  18. xxcage223 says:

    Why not put Cerrone against Nurmagomedov? Cerrone said he wants to fight as
    much as possible in 2014 and he’ll probably be down to fight with him since
    so many people are ducking this guy. But what about T.J Grant?
    He’s been out to too put is in line for a title shot. How about Dana puts
    him up against Melendez? Could be a great fight and it would see who the
    front runner for the title is. 

  19. MrBonesbr says:

    if the gsp-hendricks fight was scored by the same judges of this
    henderson-thomson fight hendricks would have got an easy decision. there
    needs to be like a standard way to score the fight

  20. Lopata991 says:

    Ramdeen looks like travis browne…leave that beard to grow man, or ariel
    helwani will be pissed off :D

  21. Lopata991 says:

    I really don’t know who won…because i fell asleep 🙁 Worst card ever.

  22. HOM3GROWN93 says:

    Thomson won for sure. The judges are ruining the sport.

  23. Rogger White says:

    Josh won 1. 4. And. 5.

  24. WelfareSymphony says:

    Meh, another BS decision, Bendo’s 2nd decision win where he actually lost,
    we all know he lost that 2nd fight to Frankie. The UFC is becoming as
    scandalous as boxing has been in the past. In Frankie 2 and vs Thompson,
    Bendo’s been getting far too much credit for “insignificant” strikes.

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