17 comments on “UFC FOX 10: Mir vs. Overeem and Bellator MMA 117: Hawn vs. Lima on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. AlfredoOne19 says:

    Reem wins via 10 sec KO

  2. Bruce LeRoy says:

    Poor Frank. I’m going to miss him all those highlight reels of his
    submission. I can’t see how he would beat Overeem.

  3. PizzaCandyChipsPop says:

    Dont worry about Frank Mir, he should get millions and retire wealthy for
    sacrificing his body for our entertainment. PFFFFFT

  4. Danny G says:

    Why is it always do or die in the ufc why not give Frank and Alistair some
    non top ten fighters so they can pull together a winning streak then fight
    the big boys again.Instead of turning there records to shit and forcing
    good fighters to retire 

  5. Richard Leonhard says:

    Can someone tell mr. Black that the O in “offence” is short?

  6. Lopata991 says:

    UFC should not cut reem nor mir because heavyweight is thin as it is, just
    like robin said i would rather see mir than some 4-0 middle american.

  7. Telvin Ilustrisimo says:

    I’m pretty sure the Loser of Reem vs Mir is getting cut 

  8. RUDGAR RUD says:

    I would much rather watch Frank Mir fight Fabricio Werdum, and Alistair
    Overeem fight Jr Dos Santos. 

  9. Edge Snob says:

    I love watching Frank Mir get his face beat in, hope UFC keeps him fighting

  10. AJ De Fazio says:

    These Guys Rock 

  11. adeekomkolokom says:

    great show

  12. lakeeffectmusicable says:

    What is evrryones take on PEDs in MMA?

  13. G_A_B_O_S says:

    I really wanted to see the reem vs dos santos next if the reem wins against

  14. Hugh Mannity says:

    If Reem can get to Jacksons camp it’ll be the smartest thing he’s ever

  15. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    hahaha Belator, home of the has been fighters. Sad really

  16. jack black says:

    wow. bearded Canadian in the middle. Frank Mir is not relevant. the whole
    drysdale team is embroiled in Testosterone. Overeem is in thailand cause
    roids are easy to get. this is the first inaccurate report I’ve seen on
    this channel. 2 more and I unsubscribe 

  17. Wisewon s says:

    I hope Beltor lets reem do his roids if he ends up there. I would love to
    see the old human experiment known as THE REEM come back.

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