14 comments on “UFC Macau 2014 Q&A with Ronda Rousey”

  1. junkmode says:

    Does this lovedrunk moron have to bring her everywhere he goes. 

  2. Patrick Stumberg says:

    Amanda Nunes knocked out Julia Budd in 0:14. Ronda owes her coach more

  3. Fear the RAC says:

    Her advice about knee injury seems so obvious but it is GREAT advice. So
    many guys (and girls) wait till the injury is healed and let the rest of
    their body get weaker. I’m guilty of this too.

  4. Kapil Ramchandani says:

    dana didn’t used the word – “gamechanger”

  5. vilius eidininkas says:

    Saund quality is too low to hear anything 

  6. Bibo Thor says:

    She is so hot.

  7. Dom M says:

    My question to Ronda would be will you marry me as well :p 

  8. FightGenome says:

    UFC Macau 2014 Q&A with Ronda Rousey

  9. Matt heww says:

    She’s so awesome! But I’m definitely #TeamHolly

  10. Viktor E. Boss says:

    Once again Ronda Rousey proves how smart she is, Goku would win yeah buddy

  11. Gabrielle Violette says:

    Vive les français !!!

  12. powemetal4life says:

    Overated bitch

  13. SuperBigschlong says:

    Love that guy asking bout the superfight :)

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