25 comments on “UFC-MMA-EA Sports UFC-Anderson Silva Vs. Gegard Mousasi-Liver Shots! Xbox One”

  1. Chad Becker says:

    anderson silva is absolutely the greatest fighter ever. i didnt realize how
    good he truly was until i saw the complete beatdown he gave rich franklin,
    what he’s been able to do against the competition he’s faced is remarkable,
    his ufc debut he knocked out arguably the best chin in the sport, chris
    leban, age has his kicked his ass, but the reason he lost to chris weidman
    the first time is because he didnt respect him, weidman is nooooo slouch,
    he will the champion for acouple years no doubt, but anderson silva is the
    greatest. jose aldo is also a top fighter of all time. jon jones is working
    his tall ass up the ladder as well.

  2. Mikasas Waters says:

    Use ps4

  3. Jason Jackson says:

    The sped up fight looked like something from DragonBall Z

  4. walmartian555 says:

    anderson silva goat? lol it’s like a 20 year old competition give it some
    time. Also the liver is on the right side of the body.

  5. xd manel says:

    i love your vids

  6. xG0BLES says:

    damn you got good bro! Love you.

  7. LZGaming222 says:

    2nd BOOM

  8. ike9719 says:

    GS is the bomb.

  9. Brotcookieman says:

    GS it’s all good thanks for uploading and streaming everyday I really
    appreciate it man.

  10. Golden GS says:

    UFC-MMA-EA Sports UFC-Anderson Silva Vs. Gegard Mousasi-Liver Shots! Xbox

  11. dedeon hump says:

    Where’s the madden

  12. justin restoule says:

    the game looks very realistic!

  13. aresdesideratus says:

    Dude you are annoying as fuck. No way I am hitting the Sub button

  14. aresdesideratus says:

    Why the fuck do these videos need to put a bunch of talking? No one fucking
    cares about your stupid voice, ok? Just show us the fucking gameplay

  15. Tristan Love says:

    Good fight

  16. Green_Leprechaun_Gaming says:

    Nice vid as always GS! I gotta thank you for being one of the reasons I
    started YouTube! Thx for being a great support GS!

  17. Antwain Johnson says:

    We’re the Pantherines

  18. Jahari Allen says:

    Just call the video”That 2 piece”

  19. kreso149 says:

    dude,calm down,stop yelling

  20. Das Hellgast says:

    Lv Easy = Caterpie

  21. msavea007 says:

    GS! I have the same reach as Gustaffson. So that means if we we were to get
    into a fight, I’d kick your ass all over the octagon lol.

  22. teknikal says:

    “oh caught’em in the leever(liver)” lol GS a fool

  23. MrFJtBaller305 says:

    bruh the yelling. 

  24. ChicagoJhawk says:

    Yo first comment!

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