25 comments on “UFC-MMA-EA Sports UFC-Bruce Lee Vs. Gorges St-Pierre-Classic Battle! Xbox one”

  1. Golden GS says:

    UFC-MMA-EA Sports UFC-Bruce Lee Vs. Gorges St-Pierre-Classic Battle! Xbox

  2. ZBoyEnt says:

    My elgato has been doing the same thing GS :(

  3. Zach Tucker says:

    Quitting epidemic has occurred in this game and it has spread so much!
    Everyone is quitting now. 

  4. Dumo Attaria says:

    What’s going on with madden

  5. okc-thunder says:

    Is rampage Jackson on this game??

  6. Lukas Carreau says:

    It’s Georges, not Gorges 

  7. jacob mastro says:

    Do they have floyd mayweather? Give it to the money team one time for yo

  8. cameron coleman says:

    great vid gs #bfore301+ 

  9. winelson ulysse says:

    If only…

  10. Bruce Gonzalez says:

    My names bruce named after bruce lee the GOAT nice vid GS u keep them up 

  11. Aaron Valeros says:

    Use Jose Aldo

  12. Logan Butler says:

    The rock!

  13. Jack Nguyen says:

    Your gonna get the youtube play button for 100k followers congratulations.
    when you get it do a unboxing plz

  14. STABB3DbyKiNg says:

    Hit us with some bones jones

  15. Killa Kam says:

    use anthony pettis next game gs, & of course as always great vid man!

  16. Artie Martinez says:

    GS were r the FIFA videos at

  17. Alex Ray says:

    Get a new fucken card I’m tired of this shit

  18. OneDayGaming says:


  19. Tyler Wittmus says:

    Get some Michael Bisping gameplay. My favorite fighter by far. He talks a
    lot of trash but he can back it up and that’s what I love about him! 

  20. timekeeper20ARC says:

    Please stop the body spamming GS come on man you’re better than that.

  21. Amy B. says:

    151? Club

  22. Jojo Fisher says:

    Do chan sung Jung

  23. zcole67 says:

    I want to see alistare overreem 

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