19 comments on “UFC-MMA-EA Sports UFC-Conor McGregor Vs. Johny Hendricks-First Loss? Xbox One”

  1. Exceedra says:

    can we get some career mode in here GS?

  2. Exceedra says:

    Yo that spin kick was vicious

  3. xSpitz says:

    When you Daze him and he falls to the ground, you have to attack him. Press
    triangle, and then just go to work on the head. 

  4. Mark Bendall says:

    You can have fights with different weight classes in this game? I didnt
    know that

  5. SteelersFan9 says:

    Forrest griffin !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Josh Batayeh says:

    GS i have no clue how you enjoy playing this shit online lol win or lose
    its just 100% of the time the other guy spamming one move the whole
    time…people need to learn how to play before going online and shitting on
    the controller lol

  7. samAnd loganShow says:

    Do my career and mlb 14


  8. Luis Rivera says:

    Yeah I picked up some things from watching your gameplay GS. I don’t
    completely suck now.

  9. Mo Money says:

    That spin kick was MEAN!!

  10. Ryan Grimm says:

    Battle of the beards

  11. SuperDANDALION says:

    Holy crap that kick doe

  12. David Davis says:

    Still under 10 view

  13. ben williams says:

    Such a filthy knock out

  14. Brendon Mendez says:

    Bruce lee

  15. LeBron James says:

    below 5 views wow!

  16. David Davis says:


  17. LeBron James says:

    you just ate his blows GS!

  18. LeBron James says:


  19. boobyblasterboy says:

    Dayum!! That spin kick was beeaaauuuutiffuulll!

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