8 comments on “UFC & MMA in 2013: MMA Tete-A-Tete Luke Thomas & Kid Nate look ahead”

  1. BrainChild666 says:

    0:00:58 probably the effects of all those poisonous vaccines that caused gulf war syndrome!

  2. Crayfish3D says:

    Yes that would be fantastic.

  3. electstar says:

    lol, you watch Ben Askren fights a couple of times?? He’s way too boring for me

  4. CodeNameKatana says:

    Glad to see Luke back on T-A-T

  5. MMANationDotCom says:

    I’m going to try that next week.

  6. KENADY13 says:

    Ufc 139 did 290,000 buys with Hendo in the main event Luke could be right about the 157 buys.

  7. abrickman says:

    can we get these as a podcast as well?

  8. sacha brady says:

    I don’t care how MMA you are, give Brad Pickett his hats back.

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