25 comments on “UFC / MMA news; Erick Silva vs Rick Story at TUF Brasil finale”

  1. mmadigest says:

    Danny Castillo vs. Rustam Khabilov also added to the UFC on FOX 16 in

  2. Clementine says:

    Riggs looking old ;x
    cool video!

  3. Deputy Plunkert says:

    Rick Story will defeat Silva, just wait and see.

  4. A Lee says:

    does weidman really have enough to afford a ferrari

  5. Nikola Fingarov says:

    Tim Kennedy is fucking pathetic. Win or Leave match with Machida…omg

  6. Jay Bee says:

    i like when UFC announces fights THAT i didnt expect (WAY OUT OF LEFT
    FIELD) then when theyre announced THEY START TO MAKE SENSE and get

    IM SICK of these reporters everywhere ASKING FIGHTERS who they want to
    fight next and REPORTING EVERY POTENTIONAL MATCHUP it takes the surprise
    out of future matchups , GOOD WORK AS USUALL

  7. Anthonycruzlbc says:

    The fuck happened to Riggs face? Is dude doing meth on his off time? 

  8. Muthafckerjones says:

    go fuck yourself tim kennedy lol

  9. Lee Tappel says:

    Keep them coming brother i love it

  10. SusloNick says:

    Why is Jury fighting Pettis? makes no sense

  11. Incoherent Mumbling says:

    Rampage Jackson is a straight up asshole. I wish he would just fuck off and
    let his career die in Bellator.

  12. TheVJProduction says:

    pettis using up all that wheaties money fast. guess he hasnt been humbled

  13. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    Dana said in a post conference that he didn’t even know Duffy was in the
    ufx weird how he wanted him tho

  14. FuckinFirstRecon says:

    Did Tim Kennedy get cut from the UFC or?

  15. joecugo says:

    Seems like its getting faster, you can slow it down a little so we dont
    have to keep rewinding

  16. Erik Trevino says:

    I wanna make another account so I can like all ur videos twice.

  17. Darren Greene says:

    Looks like Jacare did more in his warm up than the actual fight…. 

  18. RSUN2012 says:

    Powerful quote from Frank Mir. Shit what am I doing now, or not to be the
    best me, or true me. :)

  19. Rush Fanbaugh says:

    I love these mmadigest montages. Always well done and a lot of fun. Thanks.

  20. sanarr1 says:

    wow the frank mir quote blew my mind. now im scared.

  21. REXZBEAT75 says:

    Tim Kennedy wants a hell in the cell loser leaves the wwe match?

  22. RSUN2012 says:

    Loser leaves the UFC match. Were going old school pro wrestling with this
    stipulation, I’d like to see as well a loser gets his head shaved, and also
    have to leave their city. :)

  23. Julian Silva says:

    hahaha tim kennedy is stupid! This is not the WWE and even if they did the
    fight lyoto is 10x the fighter tim is even if tim beats him too. Tim should
    take his ass to bellator!

  24. Ultimate Box says:

    How many losses in a row is that for koscheck..I mean, damn!

  25. Jeffrey Schutte says:

    Does that jeep come with a full face shield? Did weidman get an old seat
    from Shaq to fit Longo or Serra in the passenger seat?

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