25 comments on “UFC / MMA news update 3/16/2015”

  1. mmadigest says:

    *Rory MacDonald will be on this UFC 189 tour, not Hendricks.

    Joanna is the UFC’s only current European UFC champion. Two from the past
    are Bas Rutten and Andrei Arlovski.

    Elias Theodorous said: “So just say fear was not a factor today”
    (A reference to Fear Factor, a show Rogan used to host)

  2. Jimmy Dreams says:

    I’m fucking pissed off that this channel isn’t on every MMA fans radar. 

  3. emanuel ehagaraz says:

    what did theodorou say? a miss that one.

  4. AtThe Whiskey says:

    Great Stuff!

  5. adab moussa says:

    Showtime to Dos Anjos and Dos Anjos to Showtime….You have (there) why i
    love sport! I like!

    Great champS!

    Great job, mmadigest…Always!

  6. nj diamzon says:

    This is the best channel to keep updated in the MMA world. Good job dude!

  7. Filippo Berio says:

    joe rogan is so fucking wierd. lol he always has the oddest stare at the

  8. ASDF123000 says:

    What did the guy said that joe rogan said how dare you , I literally did
    not understand one word. 

  9. william Rodriguez says:

    Awesome content, As always! Btw do you frequent r/MMA? 

  10. Mustafa Senegal says:

    great video as always 😀
    wasnt bas rutten a ufc champion?

  11. TheDark Raven says:

    It’s sad that Pettis was starting to represent the UFC and losses, but I
    can understand his pressure. RDA vs Khabib II would be more interesting
    then seeing Cerrone fight Dos Anjos again even though I’m a Cerrone fan I
    just think that Dos Anjos would pressure Cerrone to quickly. Pettis vs
    Sanchez or Barboza would be an interesting comeback to the cage. Seeing the
    Pettis vs Dos Anjos fight made me think of Silva vs Weidman in the fact
    that most of us didn’t respect the fights Dos Anjos had before fighting
    Pettis. Also I think Khabib never wanted to fight Pettis just because he
    was hoping Pettis would lose. I remember when Gus wanted Jones to beat DC
    so that Gus could rematch with Jones even though Gus’ fight with Johnson
    didn’t go his way. 

  12. Jake B says:

    lmfao, loved that ending!


    Joanna is going to be a good champion to watch. She has a very entertaining
    personality. I think she might lock down the division too. I also have to
    say she has REALLY pretty eyes. All the haters can hate but she’s pretty.

  14. Crispy Sanchez says:

    I think you meant to say Lawler & Macdonald at the beginning not Lawler &

  15. drew ski says:

    Getting big man. Did you watch the Q&A with Donald cerrone? Some one gave
    you a shout out. 

  16. Cesar Cruz says:

    Loved the Homer Simpson clip! Great vid. as always.

  17. Cerezo Yambao says:

    Yeah Cung Lee got hacked :(

  18. MMA man says:

    Great. No Event in England this year. UFC tour comes to London and fans not
    invited. Brilliant.
    Just do a friggin’ interview with Ariel Helwani and post it on youtube; why
    come all the way to London?

  19. Anthonycruzlbc says:

    Joanna p4p best striking in women’s mma, Carla p4p worst striking in
    women’s mma 

  20. Noah Mrabet says:

    I love these videos I want more more more haha

  21. Erik S says:

    Homer vs Dredrick Tatum lmfao that is so on the point

  22. Username0123456789 says:

    That’s a pretty good shoop of Aldo

  23. MMA man says:

    Diaz Bros!!!!

    Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

  24. Muyanzi Reid says:

    Joanna is a sexy ass warrior

  25. GrapplerMaster says:

    Tyson and Dana are like best friends. so of course he’ll say some dumb shit
    to make Dana happy. Tyson… in your prime… would literally kill Rounda.

    No MMA training! No corner! Hell, you don’t even have to be told the rules.

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