25 comments on “UFC / MMA news Update 3/30/15”

  1. mmadigest says:

    Link to Conor clips associated with that interview:

  2. rj livingston says:

    conors a fucking liar, jose never said anything bad about conor before
    conor opened his dumbass irish drunken mouth

  3. taner raven says:

    Benson’s new name Benson Huckleberry Henderson

  4. Sam Smith says:

    The clip @1:31 with Machida getting smashed in the mid section repeatedly
    had me laughing so much. It looks like a dream or something – I just can’t
    believe that actually happens!

  5. Ashley Schaeffer says:

    Every time I watch an mmadigest video, the comments have nothing but love.
    Well deserved

  6. Phil MacMillan says:

    Lyoto knows whats up. Rockhold finished Costa via body kick and he finished
    Dollaway via body kick and punches. Don’t end up like Weidman and Dillashaw
    tho, fuck!
    Great video yet again!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Deadlygangsta says:

    WTF? Machida is something else. LOL this guy is an animal.

  8. MomentumZero says:

    Rory and Robby may be the two most monotone fighters ever. Great at
    fighting, awful at speaking.

  9. Sleepydog says:

    Zzzzzzzzzz sooo tired of McGregor and his fight ……. always the same
    thing blah blah blah

  10. TheVJProduction says:

    didnt ufc cut phil davis?

  11. RUDGAR RUD says:

    00:20 – 00:35 butterfly kisses?

  12. Big Surf says:

    the only place I go for MMA news, keep up the good work!

  13. Fel B says:

    Love ur vids man always look forward to seeing them come up in my sub box
    keep up the goof work

  14. IHACKER316 says:

    Daym I love these updates -I’m interested in the man behind mmadigest do
    you do MMA Journalism full time? Wish you the best – much <3 

  15. maca12345678 says:

    kicking a tree barefooted wtf

  16. Ck Y says:

    Hey love your Vids I press like everytime

  17. AtThe Whiskey says:

    Perfect Friend ! 

  18. Smokey Rockwell says:

    Was that Sol Rosenberg?

  19. Billydutch1 says:

    Great vid as always!

  20. LSThebest LFS says:

    Schaub to 205? Can he do it? He is god damn big!!!!

  21. Prince Jasper says:

    lol thats how vitor gona be lol

  22. Kristiano Bertucci says:

    That tree messed with wrong dude!

  23. That Guy Eddy says:

    looooool Condit going for that Mcgregor look

  24. Latissimus65 says:

    hahaha, I sat next to the guy at 4:12 during that press conference. It
    doesn’t sound like it but he’s a Chuck Liddell clone.

  25. Sean Sniper7 says:

    Nice update OP
    Quick, give me your bias opinion on who will win.
    The horrible diamond commercial spokesmen or the crazy Jesus worshipping

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