25 comments on “UFC-MMA-Ultimate Fighter-EA Sports UFC-Career Mode-Road To Champion Ep.#2-First Official Fight!”

  1. mlking213 says:

    He easily reverse you because you choose boxer. Keep blocking and counter
    punch like a boxer. If you wanted to be good at take downs and ground a
    pound you should have choose wrestler.

    Its amazing how bad you are at games other than madden.

  2. Golden GS says:

    UFC-MMA-Ultimate Fighter-EA Sports UFC-Career Mode-Road To Champion
    Ep.#2-First Official Fight!

  3. MrOREO CAKESTER says:

    I noticed that G Strokes does all of these sports when he’s 18 and never
    gets older.

  4. martin valencia says:

    when gs knocked out that bum tho.

  5. kevin burke says:

    Your guy looks like Harmon from blue mountain state!

  6. dedeon hump says:

    Lol last pick u suck

  7. Vance Little says:

    First and foremost GS, I want to say that I love you and your channel. Now
    that’s out of the way; GS, you suck at UFC XD. You chose a boxer yet you
    kept taking the guy down in the first fight.

    2) Block your opponents strikes!
    3) Lead with the jab, not hooks and uppercuts!
    4) Sway and counter!
    5) Avoid the ground until you increase ground stats.
    6) You may not like this one, but lower the difficulty! 

  8. Jennifer McNeal says:

    GS whos your favorite ufc player?

  9. M.E films says:


  10. Zawazuki says:

    What the hell is that noise in the background of the video?!

  11. Arnold Darian says:

    Love ur vids funny as fuck

  12. anthony munroe says:

    why the hell are you so loud,man JESUS

  13. Daniel Pichardo says:

    Youre not blocking enough

  14. Xavier Doré says:

    Hey GS you’re basically playing but you don’t know the useful techniques.
    Go ahead and watch some tutorials or practice in another mode because if
    you don’t, you’ll get your golden ass beaten up! Keep doing your thing your
    vids are absolutely great

  15. Mad Gamess says:

    Good video

  16. kanyelives says:

    this is so much better than twilight damn man

  17. Justin Rodriguez says:

    You’re clicking and screaming more than a Rwandan genocide.

  18. Ryan Stepp says:

    GS I bet every video somebody will tell you to lower the difficulty like
    mlb. I know it will happen. Lol

  19. Ryan H says:

    Is it just me or do the hits seem so soft?

  20. PhelpsTalks says:

    You selected boxer…..so why in the world are you trying all these kicks
    and submissions when you’re way stronger standing up???

  21. Crystal Felder says:

    GS keep up the good work bro

  22. MaddenMaster9603 says:

    Gs show the training I want to see your progress

  23. Ragnar ok says:

    Im on the verge of unsubbing. GS used to be entertaining, now hes just
    fucking annoying. Shut the fuck up, man!

  24. Marvin Silva says:


  25. Cody Dye says:

    You should hit him hard in the face when he try’s a hard hit and missed
    like his superman punch when he misses hit him

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