25 comments on “UFC Now 138: Top 5 Fights in Women’s MMA History”

  1. Eddie ™ says:

    Cat Zingano vs Amanda Nunes should be in everyone’s top five!

  2. Donuts are good says:

    umm shouldnt rousey-tate 2 be #1

  3. Rational Police says:

    Kenny didn’t even have Rousey/Tate 1, the fight that made women fighting in
    the UFC possible.

  4. RevolutionRapter5000 says:

    Zingano-Tate was easily the best WMMA fight I’ve ever seen.Submission
    attempts by Miesha,brutal kickboxing by Cat,and it won FOTN at TUF 17
    Finale.Personally I find that fight top 10 fights of 2013,and the best UFC
    female fight.

  5. Saturno says:

    actually i think there’s not a strong woman like Ronda..but every fighter
    after 5/6 years is destined to lose the belt .. 

  6. ertyuloiuytr says:

    Brendan , I know she can beat you up . But she won’t beat you up if you
    don’t kiss her ass

  7. igorXdzaic says:

    #1 was actually watching anyone beat up Tate cuz… she’s just like
    Sonnen… terrible

  8. DDiez15 says:

    Miesha Tate vs Marloes Coenen

  9. Tom Dwan says:

    Ohh look its Schaub, downvote time.

    Cant wait for Travis Browne to take a “big brown” dump on Shuabs chest. 

  10. valygomu says:

    well that was bullshit lol

  11. TheVJProduction says:

    how does zigano and tate not be #1, just a blood bath.

  12. Mikkel Vlietstra says:

    who would miss tate and zingano?!

  13. Quinton Ross says:

    I think pure entertainment wise, Torres vs Namajunas should have been on

  14. POHShook says:

    zingano vs tate should be number 1. Rousey has good fights,but Schaub
    d-riding hard.

  15. SPECTATlNG says:

    Haven’t even watched it yet and ik ronda is gonna be on more than half of

  16. cap charisma says:

    after ufc 181

  17. stllwtchngvds says:

    I’m not sure in what order but I agree with Kenny’s 3 through 5. But I got
    Rousey/Tate 1 instead of 2 and Kaufman/Davis. And that comeback win for Cat
    at 178 was pretty remarkable as well as when Tate had the comeback against
    Coenen to win the belt. I would have to jumble those 7 fights up and pick
    the top 5 personally

  18. Markus M says:

    I can tell these guys don’t watch the women’s fights with much interest.
    Kenny did better than Schaub at least.

  19. BiggyKAllDay says:

    Always sounds like there’s something in Schaubs throat, lol.

  20. rampagesgrill84 says:

    tate vs coenen 

  21. Robert Johnstone says:

    Rousey vs Davis you kidding me?

  22. playswithsquirrels says:

    Tate vs Zingano 

  23. WHITEowlMASSACRE says:

    The almost nip-slip fight in at #1 with a wink and a nod.

  24. heeggie says:

    get off rousey’s dick

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