17 comments on “UFC Now Ep. 213 – MMA Class?”

  1. JustOneAsbesto says:

    I just farted.

  2. Eric D. says:

    I’m not sure about MMA classes in high school but they should definitely
    have jiujitsu classes. It’s way funner than wrestling in my opinion. If
    it’s taught the right way, it would instill important qualities these kids
    seem to be lacking like respect, humility, discipline, etc.

  3. Yeah Okay says:

    Lol if they taught MMA in high school all it would do is boost the number
    of fights and kids will go round choking each other out with their new
    found submissions 

  4. imtheedirector says:

    Those are some words you’re never going to hear ‘Brendan Schaud” and “I’m
    the best in the world” used in a sentence together. 

  5. Christopher Nutt says:

    When does this become available on FightPass?

  6. Judah Riggins says:

    I freak in wish it was taught in high school… too bad I’m a senior now 

  7. Edwin Esquivel says:

    I believe judo and jiujitsu should be carried into highschool.

  8. TheDark Raven says:

    MMA being taught in school would strongly boost the sport and be awesome.
    As for everyone thinking they’re the best in the UFC I gotta agree. Either
    you go down as a champ or go down as an entertaining fighter/trashtalker
    (R.I.P to Chaels orginial style of trashtalking/entertaining). 

  9. FutbolRealmadrid says:

    I would had love to have MMA as a sport in High School

  10. Rook says:

    Yes it should ,but it will never happen.

  11. intensivemedia says:

    You have to be somewhat crazy to be able to step into a cage and fight till
    one of you quits or is knockout unconscious. We don’t need this as part of
    education, football is already dangerous enough with head traumas. Lets
    just leave it on TV for entertainment.

  12. drohoe1 says:

    You will get a lot more fights at school if they teach MMA imo. Kids will
    make a fight club at lunch time and stuff lol.

  13. bob sanders says:


  14. kyle B says:

    Lol ya teach the bullies how to throw a proper punch or head kick that’s

  15. Ritz handles says:

    I didn’t need three more reasons to decline a fightpass membership
    Thanks anyways

  16. Cage Riot MMA says:

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