8 comments on “UFC on Fox 10: MMA Vivisection & In-Depth Preview w/ Dallas, Zane & Nate”

  1. bill smith says:

    Why is Scoobs yelling? Did you forget to clean his litter?

  2. henrysto says:

    “Dallas? Let me tell you about that guy.”

  3. Sevansmedia says:

    what does ‘phase shift’ mean?

  4. Ryan O'Donnell says:

    I didn’t know Dallas was a Hipster. Nice hat and glasses, douche. 

  5. Eric Buck says:

    The fun and playfulness is great. And I want that to continue. But please
    don’t start mispronouncing fighters names on purpose. 

  6. windsor laser says:


  7. Chin Chow Bang says:

    you guys are so full of charisma…not

  8. Adam Flores says:

    All the homies!

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