14 comments on “UFC on Fox 11: Browne vs Werdum MMA Vivisection”

  1. jazzlive says:

    Yoel Romero’s brother is actually the current Ring Magazine World
    Cruiserweight Champion, Yoan Pablo Hernandez

  2. henrysto says:

    They love to put Cowboy in Road to the Octagon. That’s probably the main
    reason Nurmagomedov isn’t on big FOX.

  3. ARFOR DeTWENTI says:

    No steroids = No heavyweights :-/

  4. Muyanzi Reid says:

    @mquirk00 Jon Jones is coming.

  5. mquirk00 says:

    Masvidal vs. Healy FOTN!

  6. mquirk00 says:

    Wow, the UFC is in dire need of some more heavyweights.

  7. John Galt says:

    Excellent breakdowns from Zane! If you don’t have an account @ 5dimes or
    Bookmaker then what are you waiting for?

  8. gizmo nala says:

    Browne tore his hamstring in the Bigfoot fight Dallas, and Zane watch how
    bad Nurmy wipes the mat with RDA

  9. Denis Horvat says:

    can I suggest something : can you do like Luke Thomas does and post an
    event 3hours befor you go live on the bloodyelbow site so you can get more
    live viewers , would be awesome if you can manage that

  10. Josh Irvine says:

    Will you be taking questions on the youtube comment section?

  11. JohnnyAwesome420 says:

    I like this lineup.

  12. Chris Meers says:

    Don’t ever stop telling your stories Dallas that is why I tune in, you have
    a great sense of humour (yes humour im canadian) and the back and forth
    joking and teasing between you and Nate is entertaining. Keep up the good

  13. Josh Irvine says:

    Aw shit, Finally caught the show live.

  14. Fulgerul Albastru says:

    full of idiots

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