UFC on FOX 6: Demetrious Johnson Breaks Down Title Defense

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson talks about his UFC flyweight title fight against John Dodson at UFC on FOX 6, and more. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click here: www.youtube.com – Check us out on Facebook (Facebook.com/MMAFighting) and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting www.mmafighting.com

23 comments on “UFC on FOX 6: Demetrious Johnson Breaks Down Title Defense”

  1. hollowghost2 says:

    I’m acting like a kid? Look who’s talking. You’re on YT acting like a “tough guy” saying that you could beat up some of the best professional fighters. Grow up.

    Nice job repeating 125! 125! 125! I get it, can you not read? I know he is small, no shit. It seems like you’re having a hard time understanding that I DON’T BELIEVE YOU COULD BEAT MM UP. I think it is clear that he is 125, we all know that, get it through your damn head.

  2. mrgoodbear says:

    You’re acting like a kid you dumbass….you clearly havent thought this through. I’m not trying by any means to convince you that I’m tough. All I’m saying is that Mighty Mouse is 125 llbs!!!!! The guy is an oompa loompa for god sakes. Geez can you get that through you head!!!! Are you like a midget or something?

  3. mrgoodbear says:

    Yes they are smaller….You get over it you dumbass. Try to understand that the guy weighs 125 lbs!!!

  4. hollowghost2 says:

    Exactly, this idiot doesn’t seem to understand the fact that even though MM or Dodson may weigh around 125, that they are professional fighters and that he is some internet tough boy on YouTube stating he could kick their ass. It’s hilarious seeing him trying to convince us that he is so “tough”.

  5. hollowghost2 says:

    Are you stupid?You don’t seem to understand the simple concept of “I don’t know who you are”.Here I’ll dumb it down for you:

    1. You are on the internet saying you could beat up professional fighters. LOL okay Mr. Tough Guy.

    2. I don’t know you, so I doubt you could do what you stated.

    3. Even if they are 125 pounds, I DON’T KNOW YOU. So quit getting butthurt when someone has their own opinion.

    4. The comparison between Cain and MM is stupid. Calling me kid, shows your immaturity.

    Nice one.

  6. Minisldr says:

    wow, you’re stupid. Obviously you might be more intimidated fighting Cain but what difference does that make to how much you enjoy watching a fight? This is a sport. Yes they’re smaller, get over it! and as far as you beating him in a fight… dream on buddy!

  7. mrgoodbear says:

    You still don’t seem to understand that the guy weighs 125lbs!!!! Have you ever been in a fight before?! Have you ever just wrestled around with someone who is bigger than you, or smaller or equal size!? I doubt you know what the hell your talking about kid. Why are you behind the flyweights so much?! Would you be more intimidated to fight Cain V. or Mighty Mouse? Lol you would probably say Mighty Mouse……lol.

  8. hollowghost2 says:

    You still don’t seem to understand that ANYBODY can lie on the internet. So I will say it again…………… I doubt you could beat him up and if you’re trying to say you can just because you have size, he has speed. Get that through your head!!!!!!!!

  9. mrgoodbear says:

    Look man…..im going to say it again.  The guy weighs 125 lbs!!! Get that through your head!!!

  10. hollowghost2 says:

    Yes, I know what he weighs. I said I doubt it because I don’t know you personally and many people on here act like tough guys (e-bullies/etc). So, I still doubt it…only because I don’t know you.

  11. mrgoodbear says:

    I think your too caught up in trying to stir something up. I get it…..your like 12 or something.

  12. mrgoodbear says:

    trust me I can definetly kick mighy mouse’s ass no doubt. You do know he weighs 125 lbs right? Please……..if he attacked me I would just grab him and throw him against the wall.

  13. molinaa3623 says:

    dodson got robbed

  14. wstintimelikeitsfree says:


  15. Rotten Apple says:

    im sure you would toughguy! he would kill you easily! no matter how big you are!

  16. Rotten Apple says:

    everybody can talk!

  17. Rotten Apple says:

    haha i love the fact that these flyweights could kick most guys ass!

  18. wstintimelikeitsfree says:

    fucking idiot

  19. asseswhite1 says:

    Mighty Mouse…And still the UFC flyweight champion of the world

  20. Number1WithTheGun says:

    woah, can dodson really dunk on a regular rim with a regular ball?!?!?

  21. Keyser420Soze says:

    hahaha it does

  22. Ufc nexus says:


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