UFC on FOX 6: MMA HEAT Post-Fight Analysis with Karyn Bryant + Steven Marrocco

MMA HEAT’s Karyn Bryant talks with MMA Junkie writer Steven Marrocco about the UFC on FOX 6 card that took place on January 26, 2013. From the preliminary fights, the pair discuss TJ Grant vs Matt Wiman, Ryan Bader vs Vladimir Matyushenko and Clay Guida vs Hatsu Hioki before moving on to the main card that aired on FOX. That show featured Erik Koch vs Ricardo Lamas, Anthony Pettis vs Donald Cerrone, Rampage Jackson vs Glover Teixeira and Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson vs John Dodson. Karyn and Steven talk about what happened in the fights, what the wins and losses mean for the combatants and what may be next for the winners. Be sure to visit ‪www.MMAHEAT.com‬ for more interviews and MMA content. Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook ‪www.facebook.com * Follow MMAHEAT on Twitter: ‪www.twitter.com * Follow Karyn on Twitter: ‪www.twitter.com

25 comments on “UFC on FOX 6: MMA HEAT Post-Fight Analysis with Karyn Bryant + Steven Marrocco”

  1. TheBaxter97 says:

    Karyn, you look fantastic. Great coverage as always. Keep the pepper spray within reach when interviewing Rampage.

  2. TheBaxter97 says:

    Not sure how seriously I can take anyone who would call MMA coverage “journalism.” Reserve the expectation of journalistic integrity for Meet the Press.

  3. liovarjo says:

    u said “at any rate” in the video at the exact same time when i was reading the part of ur comment where u also said “at any rate” lol that was weird.

  4. Hanniba01 says:

    Solid discussion. keep up the great work, Karyn!

  5. StreamerZZ2011 says:

    You are a wise man sir…

  6. kahstd says:

    Alex gusto will Tko jones in 2013

  7. vanlee21 says:

    Let him talk and finish. You ask him for a prediction with Frankie and Aldo and then completely cut him off…lol

  8. vanlee21 says:

    Great interview but Karyn kick back a little bit and listen, it seems like your anxious when homie talks.

  9. Russ Bleil says:

    I love your interviews but the audio quality is so bad it is hard to listen to. Hope you can get it fixed. Keep up the good work.

  10. Sizezor says:

    I kinda agree with Steven on the Glover thing, I really really think Rashad is a person who would beat Glover badly.

    I think Bader v Glover then the winner vs Rashad, Then maybe thats the No:1 Contender? Providing Rashad wins.

  11. dajify says:

    Of course she’s biased, just like every MMA journalist, and just like you and me. Unlike most journalists, at least she’s honest about it.

  12. DudongProductions says:

    I doubted rampage, I honestly thought he was gonna gas 3 minutes into the fight. But he gave a terrific fight!!. Best of luck in his future endeavours

  13. JoshNbooM says:

    since rampage got his bit of fame from movies he has nvr been the same, I always think his mind has been side tracked when coming to fight

  14. timekillerful says:

    Karyn….just want to say that im a fan of yours. …i think you do a fantastic job at what you do….you must love your job…I see nothing wrong with you having fighter friends…if anything, i think it makes it more fun..must be fun traveling around and interviewing the fighters. Looking forward to more videos of yours.

  15. Kaveo415in says:

    I havent noticed do you have any evidence or examples or are you just talking out your ass?

  16. RootinTootinDream says:

    1 2 5

  17. Str33tJustus says:

    Diaz 1, 2 and 5.

  18. MTatere says:

    Guida wasn’t necessarily dominating the ground battle. Being on top isn’t dominating. Being most effective is dominating. Guida was on defense when he got Hioki to the ground as much as he was on offense. It really is a dumb judging system – obviously the judges don’t know whats going on on the ground.

    Guida was out-skilled everywhere. Hioki showed that being on the bottom doesn’t automatically means that a fighter is losing the bout.

    The judging will mature when the judges mature.

  19. playshacro says:

    Is it me or the more mature you get and the more beautiful you look ???!? 

  20. JeremySyrosTroughton says:

    looooking goooooood, and you karyn

  21. timewarpJFC says:

    Karyn tell Mr. Portland to fix his audio or put on a headset, he sounds like he is speaking in a tunnel. :o( It takes away from your show.

  22. LalondeMistral says:

    Glover vs Shogun… The fight that was suposed to happen.

  23. LalondeMistral says:

    Guida acted like a fucking moron at the post fight presser too

  24. LalondeMistral says:

    Hioki CLEARLY won the 2 first rounds…There is no way you can score them for Guida. The judges are fucking morons

  25. nevlad1 says:

    its part of being human,you should try it some time!!!

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