24 comments on “UFC on FOX 8: Robbie Lawler Enjoying MMA as Much as Ever”

  1. Tommy Gunz says:

    Nick kickrd his ass easy

  2. Y4J says:

    After Robbie wins, make Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler II.

  3. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    For such a killer he definitely is a very calm dude.

  4. Mikey T says:

    Class act 

  5. j harris says:

    you must be really intelligent

  6. Jon Aguilar says:

    I would like to see Rory vs Robbie at one point or another.

  7. sixthrees333333 says:

    not really…… at all

  8. CharlieSmurffy says:

    he sounds punch drunk…

  9. Mary Jane says:

    trolls must be asleep

  10. MrDavidhasslehoff says:

    dude delivers some brutal knockouts, Trigg, Rua, etc…

  11. XD18Felipe says:

    big fan !!!WAR RUTHLESS!!

  12. Rafael Chavez says:

    Lawyer always entertains.

  13. mrcauduro says:

    Lawler is the man. His fight with Melvin Manhoef was one the greatest things I ever saw in MMA.

  14. supermanguy1214 says:

    love to watch Lawler fight. Ariel you’re annoying as hell.

  15. edward shively says:

    why does jew rat always ask about mens facial hair? what a faggot

  16. edward shively says:

    love lawler, dude has some of the best killer instinct in mma

  17. bluwakpa says:

    Snooze fest…

  18. drop3r4 says:

    super classy fighter. nothin but the best wishes for this guy.

  19. OMNIpotusCOM says:

    I could not like Mr. Lawler more. Fan for life.

  20. inari12700 says:

    dude Lawler was out, but i think if he fights nick again, Robbie could drop him.

  21. Sriracha Sauce says:

    Guy’s a monster at welterweight, this guy versus ellenberger would be epic.

  22. stllwtchngvds says:

    He flatlines people. This is gonna be a great card, no doubt

  23. Gabriel01923 says:

    Robbie Lawler is like Dan Henderson’s little broyher .

  24. sekon2008 says:


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