25 comments on “UFC Re-Signs Gilbert Melendez; Matches Bellator MMA’s Offer on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. EbuGamer says:

    Agree, well said guys. Great channel.

  2. therealmo says:

    Gilbert deserves it he’s been there done that

  3. Justin Graham says:

    Gilbert is such a fucking pussy. He bitches ou of a fight with Khabib that
    he knows he would lose, then he pretends like he’s actually going to go to
    Bellator to get more $$ that he hasn’t yet earned, and a title shot that he
    Definately hasn’t earned. Lost all respect for that mother fucker.

  4. Alex Kovalex says:

    Rodolphe Beaulieu GSP’s and Gilbert Melendez’s agent has some balls.

  5. TheAlphaFury says:

    The UFC couldn’t let Gilbert walk, people love watching Gilbert and many
    believe he beat Benson and is the uncrowned UFC lightweight champion. They
    couldn’t have let a top 5 walk,.. different situation for other fighters
    not in the top 5, that’s why they didn’t care much for Fitch or Okami
    leaving the organization. This Gil contract may actually help entice
    Alvarez to leave Bellator for a similar UFC contract.

  6. dee aldo says:

    if UFC give a belt to Ronda without any fight in UFC they should give a
    Cyborg fight against Ronda..

  7. aaronCapricorn says:

    4:40 You are wrong, sir or sirs. Nick Diaz is one of the greatest fighters
    on the planet. Plus, he sells the tickets because he is that in your face
    kind of buy.

  8. Zahrlavi says:

    It’s hard to root for a champion who is so injury-prone, I wouldn’t be
    surprised if Pettis had to pull out of his bout with Melendez. 

  9. Splenda4ever says:

    Clown Hair Melendez should have got his ass sent to Bellator. Screw him.

  10. daniel mackay says:

    Honestly I’m glad….but FUCK did I ever wanna see Gil and Eddie do it
    up…would have been LEGEND!

  11. phuck yoo says:

    i want to see diaz hit the bong aswell.

  12. ilandjive CNMI says:

    Nick Diaz comeback gets my money! 

  13. Niklas Colin Kirstein says:

    can i watch the fight network in television?!?

  14. Kippax123456789 says:

    Great show

  15. Alltilt says:

    UFC couldn’t give smellawhore Gil. No wAy no how. 

  16. Lopata991 says:

    fuck diaz, i think Condit if he wins should get the title shot, he is a
    hardworking man that can destroy hendricks or lawler

  17. soniCh22 says:

    Rory would smash nick Diaz I dont even think nick should be in the next
    title shot mix. It should have been Carlos condit vs robbie Lawler 

  18. 792bnz says:

    FROM GOOGLE u may not like his personality or whatever else but Diaz comes
    to fight every single time bro

  19. Clymax01 says:

    Gilbert Melendez played the UFC and Bellator
    He used them both to get more money 


    Nick Diaz should get the winner of Hendricks vs Lawler. I would pay for
    that ufc event

  21. soniCh22 says:

    Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory Rory

  22. nicumecu says:

    So Pettis is woosing out against Aldo now that Aldo called him out..

  23. Ivan Reyes says:

    Rory vs branden thatch

  24. CommissarXIV says:

    I’d love to see Fedor come out of retirement and fight in Bellator.
    Would be a big win for both parties.

  25. richiemo2000 says:

    1st comment lol

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