25 comments on “UFC Releases Jake Shields on MMA Newsmakers”


    The UFC know money as well as anyone and if Shields was making them a ton
    of cash he’d still be around.
    Their goal is to make money and that’s it.
    If you don’t like the way they treat MMA you should put your money where
    your mouth is and support rival organisations.

  2. Killa Kam says:

    robin blacks t shirt

  3. Ayesha Tommasone says:

    Dude seriously. I’m really down about Shields’ release…
    Thank you, Robin Black, for beautifully explaining the pure sport aspect of
    MMA. I just wish those opinions were more mainstream.

  4. t Nas says:

    fire the camera guy

  5. OcelotDAD says:

    Robin Black has always very, very good opinions. Really like the guy.

  6. blackdogbones9900 says:

    The bloodsport is always going to sell more tickets. If we want BJJ we can
    pay to see BJJ. Watching a Jake Shields fight is like needing to google a
    comic before a show you have to know what your walking in to otherwise your
    going to pissed off disappointed or both. You won’t be happy that’s for
    damn sure.

  7. Justin Cunningham says:

    If he was a top 10 FIGHTER I would be suprised, but he is a top 10
    GRAPPLER. He found ways to win being one dimensional, but hugging a guy
    against a cage, and holding top position is not what fans want to see.
    Robin says the educated fan appreciates it… I am a very educated fan, and
    I want to see MMA, not just jiu jitsu and wrestling, and of course I want
    to see guys finish fights.

  8. dee aldo says:

    Diaz will call Jake first to roll him a joint,new start!!!!

  9. 792bnz says:

    We do like long bombs in football but a 1 yard run is still a crash and
    burn. I mean 2 guys colliding into each other is good enough lol. Great
    show as always guys

  10. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    That being said cutting Sheilds is crazy, 1 lose after a 4 fight win

  11. ricky rua says:

    ufc is only cutting guys who dont kiss ass!!!

  12. Greg Cunningham says:

    No offense to Dan Hardy, but they kept him through his 4 fight loss streak.
    There hasn’t been a single one of his fights that I’ve felt compelled to
    watch twice. (other than the Condit ko)

    I’m not sure I like the direction this new UFC is going. Bellator and
    WSOF’s importance is growing daily.

  13. Renzogmg says:

    Another top ten fighter cut

  14. wildhorn reeks says:

    How come they didn’t talk about jake going to bellator

  15. AxisKisu says:

    I hope jake does go to wsof because there welterweight divison is looking
    great it sucks he got cut but I just hope he gets paid 

  16. magnum89 says:

    my guess with shields is they don’t want to pay a guy a ton of money that
    isn’t a finisher and also a contender/prospect killer.

  17. Trapper John says:

    Jake Shields vs Askren ??????

  18. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    These are all opinions but I disagree with Robin on the entertainment vs
    pure sport. I think we disagree on what mma is, Robin views it as a “pure
    sport” and I consider it “combat or fighting”. IMO the goal should be to
    win a fight not win a competition, standing or on the ground. Jake Shields
    isn’t boring because I’m uneducated about what he is doing, it’s just what
    he is doing isn’t exciting.

    Also there are plenty of ground wars that are considered exciting and
    submissions are awarded the same amount as KOs. Although I see there point.

  19. Kevin Hall says:

    In my opinion Ben Askren is the best pound for pound fighter in the world,
    and the UFC not even wanting proves the gross amount of power Dana White’s
    opinion holds in the organization. Askren didn’t speak highly of the UFC
    while in Bellator leading Dana to pass on him. MMA isn’t Dana white’s
    sport, it’s everyone’s, and frankly I don’t care if Dana, or everyone in
    the world hates the fighter, if he’s good enough he belongs. I want to see
    the best of the best compete to see who’s better. I don’t care about
    knockouts, submissions, or even watchability, I care about results. Who
    won, and who lost, thats all that matters

  20. Edge Snob says:

    Good bye Jake, you wont be missed…

  21. Splenda4ever says:

    I’m shock they cut Jake Shields. He was a baddass.

  22. cross over says:

    Ben Askren vs Jake Shields would have been a nice one ..Too bad

  23. MultiHinrik says:

    fuck the ufc

  24. Lopata991 says:

    yay jack got cut, ooooooooooooh happy day :D

  25. prfctstrngrz says:

    MMA (specifically the UFC) is no longer a legitimate sport. It is based on
    the opinions of fangirls that grew up playing video games like Mortal
    Kombat and watching the WWE. Cutting Shields (as they did Fitch) is an
    absolute disgrace. This sport screams for a fighters union that would put
    an end to this kind of bullshit.

    Dana White and the UFC can kiss my ass.

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