25 comments on “UFC: “The Time Is Now” Presser Recap on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. James Canlas says:

    GSP ducked Silva, dumbass

  2. Phil MacMillan says:

    I enjoyed the press conference, I acxtually never realized there was some
    big announcement. I just figured having all those top tier fighters jam
    packed into the end of this year and beginning of next year was the
    announcement. They’ve had a plethora of injuries and this is the end
    BTW Robin Black and John Ramdeen are the best, keep this show striving

  3. rod fedora says:

    You’re MMA show is truly Indeed.

  4. Daniel Saiyan says:

    Gsp did duck Silva quite obvious actually but they don’t want gsp to look
    bad , but can’t blame him because Silva was much bigger

  5. Matthew Clarke says:

    i think i would have been happy with 30-35 shows. A extra 10-15 events is
    just way to much for me keep up, let alone 30-35.

  6. Ramakrishna Pai says:

    Hey +Robin Black hope you guys have an episode on Bellator 131 ratings as
    well…. It did like 2 Million views for the Ortiz vs Bonnar fight…Its
    great that the UFC is going global and doing these many shows…but Scott
    Coker is a genius and Bellator 131 went head to head with the UFC and WSOF
    and whopped their backside!! The numbers speak for themselves and this is
    just the beginning of the Scott Coker era for Bellator.
    Keep up the good work bro, love watching your shows, its a bigtime stress
    buster for me, cheers!!

  7. Matthew Clarke says:

    the big news was suppose to be Brock Lesner.

  8. Tommy Vercetti says:

    Ramdeen is full of shit. GSP was ducking Anderson Silva. Nick Diaz was
    down for it from day one. Robin Black is the best on the show.

  9. eifelitorn says:

    Would love to see Siver win tho

  10. BRAD TURNER says:

    Nick diaz is crazy for taking on anderson silva. Even if hes 40 years old
    hes still extremely dangerous

  11. project25012 says:

    Out of Rhonda, Connor and Nick, I think your statement about starpower not
    being created holds mostly for Diaz, he’s the only one the ufc didn’t
    really try to promote so far, at least in the way it has Rhonda and Connor,
    and i think that’s noteworthy.

    Great work guys, is there any way I can see the whole show from the UK?
    They are usually uploaded on my beddytime. Big fan of you guys, love the
    breakdowns Mr. Black.

  12. kopxpert says:

    Why GSP wouldnt fight Anderson is exactly the same reason why he said Diaz
    should fight Anderson at catchweight. He thinks Anderson have a significant
    size advantage over Diaz (presumably over him also) That doesnt necessarily
    mean “scared” though. I find it hard to believe any top level (even
    midlevel) pro MMA fighters would be scared of fighting someone. They might
    worry they’ll lose but “scared” is a strong word imo…

  13. Frank V says:

    I guess I am a different kind of fight fan because I watch Diaz, Rousey,
    and McClown to see them get their ass kicked. The harder they get their ass
    kicked would be better yet. I can’t wait for McClown to get embarrassed and
    then he can shut his mouth and go home. I don’t care about what they have
    to say. I just want to see them fight.

  14. Pedro Cardoso says:

    John Ramdeen is such a GSP dick-rider its ridicolous… Everybody knows
    what?? Everybody know that GSP NEVER WANTED TO FIGHT SILVA, he made excuses
    like he can’t gain weight to fight at 185 or he still has welterweights to
    fight in the UFC, GSP duck and runs when silva name is put on the table!!

  15. samjs721 says:

    Lol cub already whooped sivers butt! Connor is fighting all of cubs victims
    haha. And he’s gets a title shot?!?!?! Bs

  16. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    Great show guys, but I gotta say, that shirt your wearing Robin, its pretty

    The Press Conference was pretty cool, its crazy to see so many of the UFC’s
    greatest in one place. Even without the “big announcement” it was worth
    the watch just for the chance to hear Diaz and McGregor talk smack.

  17. Telvin Kipapa says:

    What bout Dominique Robinson at the end?

  18. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Frankie is a whiney bitch, you have bad your title shotS and you lost so
    shut the fuck up and work your way back up. He beat Charles Olveria and BJ
    Pen, neither of these guys are a contender worthy victory.

    People can say what they want but without the talking Connor is way more
    deserving. The guy will be 5-0 in the UFC with 3-4 KOs, the only person who
    should be ahead of him is Cub if he wins. If Frankie wins it should be
    Lamas vs Edgar to fight the winner of Connor vs Aldo.

  19. AJ De Fazio says:

    Don’t be scared homie

  20. TheHooliganification says:

    Bellator and other lower level shows need stars to help sell shows. UFC
    just needs to put on great cards with simply the best fighters on the
    planet and that’s it, stars are just expectations that might be great
    success or a fail, you don’t need those risks when you are the best and
    biggest organization in MMA…Stars come and go, great fights don’t need
    stars, just great fighters…

  21. 37robles says:

    Ramdeen is full of it. Georges said multiple times that the size difference
    is why he wouldn’t fight Anderson. He’d only fight him at a catchweight and
    not move up to 185 lbs.

  22. nicholas alvarado says:

    Diaz is the best. 

  23. psytanto says:

    Nick Diaz for President

  24. Steve Gutierrez says:

    Youre the man robin. Back when I 1st started watchn I used to think whos
    this goofy guy talkn mma. Now, I watch jus to see n hear your opinion and
    break downs! +Robin Black 

  25. maxxxmckenzy says:

    guys, I don’t think nick diaz ever said “george is afraid to fight anderson
    silva”, he just said he wouldn’t fight him when it would have made sense
    and now, he’s making comments, etc…I kind of agree with him. everyone
    wanted to see GSP vs anderson but GSP didn’t wanna do it and now, he’s
    talking badly about nick diaz taking a fight with silva. not cool

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