25 comments on “UFC-Ultimate Fighter-MMA-EA Sports UFC-100k CONTRACT!!Career Mode-Finale! Ep.#4-Oh The Struggles”

  1. Golden GS says:

    UFC-Ultimate Fighter-MMA-EA Sports UFC-110k CONTRACT!!Career Mode-Finale!
    Ep.#4-Oh The Struggles

  2. Nick Messner says:

    “I learned a lot since my last fight!” GS you were still on the ground with
    him, you haven’t learned anything >.<

  3. Exceedra says:

    can’t you just upload the other games without the commentary

  4. KingGaming says:

    Like it

  5. Dumo Attaria says:

    Whoooo lol

  6. jaquan cook says:


  7. Jonah Karafiol says:

    Hey GS. You should do a video series where you pick a game that you have
    never played before and play it for 1 week, and record it all live. Then
    upload them as 10-20 minute videos.

  8. samAnd loganShow says:

    I love being a biblical pantherine

  9. Benjamin Placide says:

    This was by far the funniest just reaction video he has made. It got me
    right in the leeeeever

  10. Crystal Felder says:

    I’m lovin it GS

  11. Logan Traylor says:

    Ninja we made it!!!!!!!

  12. LegionMeerkat7 says:

    Mooooooorre plz man mooooooorrree

  13. Tymere Nickles says:

    Lmfao to funny spaghetti legs 

  14. Franqlin Gatson says:

    don’t go for body shots after you get full mount from a knockdown GS

  15. pedro fagundes says:

    3rd :D

  16. Stephan Freeman says:

    Fse Jaquan we won 100k Jaquan put A X Bye His Name Jaquan 

  17. Sal Valentin says:

    I don’t like how GS body spams lol

  18. Herbert Moliola says:

    Hahaha use the 100k for a new controller just like the first ufc on ps3
    first week already wrecked the rubbers of the joystick too much transitions
    Lolz ugh

  19. Josh Wright says:

    Rousy does send messages but not very often

  20. Space CAT says:

    you’ve been getting too loud lately gs

  21. Matthew Pillow says:

    this is awesome. :D

  22. IDrowzyEyez says:

    i think im starting to like the ufc more than the madden videos

  23. Adrian Bogarin says:

    Show your face gs

  24. Ragnar ok says:

    all of a sudden the intro came in, and the dislike button started to glow
    with attraction

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