24 comments on “UFC-Ultimate Fighter-MMA-EA Sports UFC-Career Mode-Ep.#8-Huge Giant”

  1. Troy Brown says:

    You can wear the clothing the sponsors you put on your banner have. Both
    walk-in and fighting gear.

  2. Blake_st3r says:

    Gs edit your character and you can change your shorts for they wont have
    ufc on it

  3. Todd Hall says:

    Sponsors means fans you gain more fans when you are sponsored

  4. Matthew Oh says:

    Why would you try to take down a submission specialist? Lol work on your
    ground game so you can be more well rounded. When you get to the better
    submission guys youre gonna get worked

  5. Golden GS says:

    UFC-Ultimate Fighter-MMA-EA Sports UFC-Career Mode-Ep.#8-Huge Giant

  6. Kyle ten Haaf says:

    Hey gs its been a long time since u have uploaded an NBA 2K vid u should
    upload one soon

  7. Carterboy808 says:

    Upgrade ur health

  8. Villiam Håkansson says:

    GS really! I hate the way the channel has been heading since you came back
    from your “break” but really if you haven’t noticed it? Your new subs are
    slowing down! You know why? Because the way you live comment is annoying
    and and you are way to “yelly” when you do so! It seems like to me that you
    are finding the easiest ways to work your channel? I used to watch
    anything! I mean anything I’ve watched over 1100 vids of yours and I used
    to love every single one of them and look forward to watching them but now
    I rarely feel like watching any of your content! It seems like you just
    wanna stream and just upload that! I hate that! It is too easy and you know
    it! Please GS reflect over this comment! I am a true sub of your who has
    been here from the beginning! From about 340 subs and I loved it back then
    and I want to now! But if you keep doing the thing you do now you gonna
    lose a lot of subs due to your change of content production! 

  9. Nick Brown says:

    Why don’t you do the HAW HEE HEE anymore I miss that

  10. Lynn Samuel says:

    4th comment 

  11. J Zelisnky says:

    Keep doin what you always do GS, your vids are always biblical and I look
    forward to each one. Thanks for the awesome content.

  12. Joel Martinez says:

    You like a mini sylvester Stallone 

  13. Burgers saints says:

    Do a face reveal

  14. ShadowSports says:

    The pantheriren strikes again!

  15. Josh Wheeler says:

    You are the fucking loudest dumbass ever, shut the fuck up

  16. Joseph La Marca says:

    Golden gs I hope u saw my comments on ufc episode , anyway keep up the good
    work and keep making people laugh

  17. CarterBoy says:

    yu are a 4-1 beast

  18. MrSanman100 says:

    LOL I really enjoy your vids

  19. Sami Leimu says:

    damm your commentary makes me laugh everytime..keep it up :)

  20. SHAKIN BACON says:

    1st comment

  21. Jacoi Gumbs says:

    edit your player and go to sponsers

  22. Joel Martinez says:

    Because of all the stroke dogs your guy is eating

  23. fruto76 says:

    Nice vid

  24. theawesomedude1029 says:

    that was one hell of a nasty K.O

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