25 comments on “UFC-Ultimate Fighter-MMA-EA Sports UFC-Career Mode-Road To Champion Ep.#3-Oh The Struggles”

  1. Golden GS says:

    UFC-Ultimate Fighter-MMA-EA Sports UFC-Career Mode-Road To Champion
    Ep.#3-Oh The Struggles

  2. PhelpsTalks says:

    Gs, this isn’t entertaining like your online matches. Lower the difficulty
    if you can or get better and that will make these road to the championships
    much more entertaining. No one wants to see you get your ass handed to you
    this badly

  3. Mo Money says:

    GS stop doing takedowns. Your ground game sucks

  4. Evan Pippin says:


  5. Josh Batayeh says:

    what difficulty is this GS?

  6. Dhroov Patel says:

    Great game Gs

  7. Brian Gomez says:

    Where is the Madden


  8. Jonah Karafiol says:

    Make a new fighter named G. Strikes.

  9. Killa Kam says:

    great game gs! lovin these career mode vids so far!

  10. Carlos Tamayo says:

    Why you gotta be so LOUD damn 

  11. DjSpazzy97 says:

    Dude gs, I’ve had this game since It came out and I’m champion and have
    defended the belt twice, and I’m telling you, level up your kicks and
    punches a lot. Forget all the submission and ground bs, it’s not necessary.
    Upgrade stand up and health. Just get good at kicking and use the sidekicks
    to the head a good amount with a few superman punches and front kicks, and
    you’ll do great, I promise. Anyone who sees this, try the same and let me
    know how it works for you. 

  12. daevon jones says:

    stop going for takedowns its not gonna work if your a boxer your supposed
    to box him

  13. papa smurf says:

    You FUNNY as hell bro!!!! LMAO, he cant take a punch anywhere.

  14. MrFJtBaller305 says:

    Yo stop with the yelling 

  15. Brandon Leone says:

    Plz mlb

  16. Daniel Pichardo says:

    Stop trying takedowns if your style is boxer.. Your proficiency is
    punching, not kicking and takedowns

  17. Jean Pierre says:

    Waited for this series for awhile, excited

  18. Pranav Rao says:

    The show

  19. S Levin says:


  20. bigt627 says:


  21. kelly vault says:


  22. Israel Maldonado says:

    RIP Headphone users

  23. Myles Gurley says:

    Go to E A Sports page for tips on how to play UFC

  24. ZombieGamer says:

    u suck just lay online

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