25 comments on “UFC World Tour 2013: Velasquez, Jones, GSP, Rousey + more (LIVE! / complete & unedited)”

  1. tmbeckman100 says:

    I wish Meisha would have come in a more “polished”. She looks like she just jumped out of bed and grabbed for somebody else’s clothes. And I do have alot of respect for her. She looks rather sloppy compared to the notorious Rousey…not something that will be forgotten. I am positive a “stab” will come from it. Rousey has said on countless occassions that Meisha looks “better on paper than in person” and this video doesn’t help Tate.

  2. lalgerino91 says:

    ali foreman rivalry?

  3. RoxMeNot says:

    What’s with the skipping in the video?!

  4. bm2g says:

    Rousey is so arrogant,stuck up cocky bitch

  5. 15kardozo says:

    jones is trolling everyone!!! LMAO!!!

  6. tcekilla2 says:

    no worries, thanks for the reply karyn

  7. supertech780 says:

    Jds didn’t put his fist in cains face this time.

  8. lalgerino91 says:

    please come to amsterdam brussels or paris it would be awesome take the reem as main event

  9. Z3rU says:

    The problem with your sentences is that you don’t use any commas or any kind of punctuation! So the understanding is twice hard!

  10. 15kardozo says:

    Lol… he’s thinking “are you out off your mind!!!”

  11. billabui says:

    Jones cut that gut really fast!

  12. alphared10 says:

    did i say Ronda was a saint,she a little extra some times yes but usual there is a reason for it,and we will see why on this season of tuff as she said.

  13. Eliasdaamate says:


  14. billabui says:

    The audience are really annoying, it’s great to see fans excited for the sport but come on I’m tryna hear them speak, not hear booing an jeers.

  15. U.S.A BlueteRedWhi says:

    whats wrong with my sentence.i put numbers and after give my opinion about whats gonna happen..and why you dont teach your mother to stop to be a Bitch a Motherfucker and why you dont teach your father to stop to be a gay asshole…..Go fuck your ass son of bitch….

  16. tony montana says:

    34:00 skips…this isnt complete…

  17. tony montana says:

    miesha got way more class than rhonda…hope miesha wins

  18. tony montana says:

    size doesnt mean shit…theres plenty of lengthy fighters out there…u have to work with ur body and see what works 4 u…everyone sayin so his long reach…ur gonna see that the difference is the wrestling mentality that jones has.

  19. l4mb01 says:

    Awkward seating arrangements – Jones next to Velazquez, Gsp next to Rousey

  20. Mike Larry says:

    I think jon can take the heavy weight title

  21. JJSFC says:

    Embarrassing crowd. So cringeworthy.

  22. MattBInYYC says:

    “Last year we had an event where the entire main event and then the replacements fell off the card” Oh UFC 149, how I will never forget attending you.

  23. Einstein Albert says:

    The bitch is scared,and you are the dumbass if you dont think so

  24. enrandigsten says:

    he didn’t pull out of the fight you dumb fuck, he wasn’t given permission to fight by the SMMAF. Google it you uninformed faggot

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