25 comments on “UFC’s Anderson Silva Says He’ll Return To Octagon in 2015, Predicts Weidman vs Machida”

  1. MMA FANatic says:

    Anderson Silva cleared to fight, says ‘next year, I back’

  2. Mario Klintworth says:

    oh oh, i hope he will be back but I think hey can be happy to stay outside
    the cage. The first serious kick of a hungry opponent can destroy his leg
    forever … don’t you think so…? 

  3. Eddie King says:

    Anderson Silva will always go down as the greatest MMA fighter of all time,

  4. Hector Ibarra says:

    It’s great to see Anderson Silva in high spirits. That devastating leg
    break was horrible and kind of depressing … I’m happy for him now. It is
    inspiring for the Spiderman to recover and want to make a comeback. One of
    the best to ever step into the cage and the most exciting fighter I have
    ever seen. Peace!

  5. Bruce Lee says:

    Tyrone is the real deal he is allready in training after a few weeks!!
    Pussy spider

  6. Robert King says:

    You’ll be okay champ.

  7. Arturo Stacey says:

    bro bro.. trust me, i back

  8. espada9 says:

    I back, is normal.

  9. tyler sweeney says:

    gotta love anderson man such a good guy 

  10. Kronic Kush says:

    “I back, no back” lol

  11. Josh Lavian says:

    If it makes me a “nuthugger” to appreciate one of the most entertaining and
    most talented fighters in the history of MMA, then I’m a nuthugger.

  12. Marc Rogue says:

    he’ll never be chump i mean a champ again

  13. foxx3059 says:

    such a sweet champ he is, 

  14. Mixedhero says:

    awww the end “i’m sorry, i practiced English all day but i’m so nervous”
    anyone else just felt like “Awwww”

  15. kokoybaga says:

    Silva vs Bisping for 2015

  16. AlliedForces says:

    ahhh shiiit the spider

  17. OcelotDAD says:


  18. rollexx says:

    He back, boys! 😀 LETS GO!!!

  19. therealmo says:

    This guy has the strongest legion of nuthuggers 

  20. MrEKIM96 says:

    I back?

  21. BigGee614 says:

    you shouldna fucked around the first time, now look at ya

  22. brian7becker says:

    nice video Karyn thumbs up!

  23. ryan gee says:

    he can say I’M nervous but cant say I’M happy, I’M excited lol. he needs to
    learn how to use dont also.

    cant learn in one day man, just put 20 minutes a day into it, look at how
    fast junior picked it up, now he’s fluent.

  24. Donald Diaz says:

    anderson silva will come back and win the belts he back

  25. mytube599 says:


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