25 comments on “UFC’s Ronda Rousey’s Complete Boston Fan Club Q&A: “Rowdy” Nickname, Legacy, Olympics + more!”

  1. juan twotree says:

    Thank You MMA H.E.A.T for doing what UFC could not. Is proper audio too much to ask for from THE ufc?

  2. grahamhg says:

    Ok these are all completely stupid questions, except for the guy who asked her about her olympic bronze medal match.

  3. Leo Luca says:

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  4. AhPhoey says:

    I’m guessing he said he’d punch her teeth down her throat after she repeatedly said she could destroy him. The elbow to Cat’s head – I don’t know the actual specifics on what happened.  If that truly happened like people say, that’s bush league for him, no doubt.

  5. BonezHD says:

    He’s a cunt, he said he’d punch her teeth down her throat or some shit and he elbowed Cat Zingano in the back of the head.

  6. AhPhoey says:

    Weird. Why does Rousey hate Tate’s boyfriend, even more than Tate? I bet she came onto him in a drunken stupor after a UFC event and he told her to get lost.

  7. KravaLLT says:

    you should read the tweets this animal is posting online. when you read them it feels like an uneducated half veteran marine half veteran stinky hillbilly posted them.

  8. knightfall209 says:

    she is so fucking hot she will stay champ until she works hollywood full time.

  9. AhPhoey says:

    The thing that upsets me is how rowdy Ronda is. Its too much.  She’s simply too rowdy. 🙁

  10. deemorris9000 says:

    People keep saying how bad Mike Goldberg is and how Anik is better. Wtf are they listening to??? I’ll take Goldberg over Anik any day *shrugs*

  11. MrChopzz says:

    You’re so funny!! Just stop it….

  12. chris dias says:

    i fucked your mother in highschool my nickname was mother fucker

  13. thetruthis9 says:

    miesha tate is like that head cheerleader in high school that you’ve always wanted to fuck…notice i said “you’ve always wanted to fuck” and not i’ve always wanted to fuck…yep cuz i fucked the chick…

  14. Deedee Payne says:

    Dont change the subject, is that all u have to say? Like seriously are u 10? And never that sweetie 🙂

  15. Nick Dudemeister says:

    Shut up, you weird looking thing. Jesus Christ you look awful.

  16. theblackslcmamba says:

    Wowzers!!! Both of these ladies look soooo hood in their clothes. Ayayyayayaai

  17. Deedee Payne says:

    ronda has every right to be “stuck up” like wtf is she supposed to do? She knows she can kickass and she has no reason to doubt herself like u damn idoits. If she’s so bad at answering questions then why does she have an answer for every single one of them? just think about it.

  18. Chael P. Sonnen says:

    13:28 nobody cares.

  19. KravaLLT says:

    only respectful people deserve respect. so fuck that uneducated hillbilly whore, and also fuck you too you low life piece of garbage who most likely loves sucking dick

  20. Showtimezzzzz says:


    Karyn should replace that fool!

  21. MrChopzz says:

    say that to her face internet twat… You call yourself a mma fan?? Damn show a little bit off respect. What the hell is wrong with you.

  22. Kapil Ramchandani says:

    she is obviously not good at these q&a. stop sending this stuck up bitch to ufc Q&As.

  23. Kapil Ramchandani says:

    should have alleast had the decency to wish happy birthday to the little girl

  24. Kapil Ramchandani says:

    jds wasnt lying . u are regular looking.

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