25 comments on “VanossGaming vs NigaHiga Celebrity Death Match MMA UFC EA SPORTS”

  1. Derek O'Kelly says:

    Wait.. I don’t understand this… Are they actually playing this? Or is
    Wicked just watching two bots fighting each other?

  2. TemptedSWIFT says:

    Vanoss vs. Coach Topher! 

  3. TheRayeZRevolution says:

    If U knock someone down in this game, can U RUN over to them & try to
    finish the fight? I know in the older games U could run but if U can in
    this game, I haven’t been able to do it. I was just wondering. 

  4. CPTbpt says:

    Keemstar vs WOR

  5. Slayze says:

    UberHaxorNova vs ImmortalHD

  6. mrgoukimaster says:


  7. Steef292 says:

    Vanoss vs eminem

  8. Brianaxel44 says:

    Wings of Redemption vs Boogie2988

  9. RagingEverydayHD says:

    Do Eminem vs Macklemore

  10. BirdyNV says:

    how about, Wickedshrapnel vs Drift0r? lol

  11. Sean Bean says:

    Oh my god this is too funny. Keep it up Wicked.

  12. domanddev says:

    have him fight goldglove next

  13. CPTbpt says:

    402Thunder vs Woodysgamertag

  14. Shane Klaric says:

    Chuck Norris can beat him

  15. Marco Chinchilla says:

    Most exciting fight!!! Oh ah oh ah oh LOL Great vids Wicked, do smosh!! 

  16. The Frosty Clan says:


  17. ThatZombiesAmateur says:

    Wait… Do you play as one or do you just set it up and the Comd fight?

  18. KinG NothinGat aLL says:

    Too bad custom chars’ records didn’t update along with their fights. That’d
    be cool. K

  19. shootermcgee24 says:

    Can u do some black ops 2 gameplay?

  20. FragApples says:

    Ryan Higa vs PewDiePie

  21. CommandRaptor says:

    Ksi can take him down :3

  22. John C says:

    That was the best fight so far.I can’t believe Ryan didn’t get KO’ed
    through all of that.

  23. Jonathan Hyde says:

    Captain sparklez!!!

  24. j211oey says:

    or do Johava Vs Him or kyr

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