25 comments on “Veronica Macedo vs Chrissy Audin, MMA headkick KO”

  1. Dale Denison says:

    That was without question the most violent KO in a woman’s mma fight I’ve

  2. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *MMA Headkick KO: Veronica Macedo vs Chrissy Audin*

  3. Jacob says:

    “WOMEN CAN’T FIGHT!” *gets brain matter on his brow* “Oh.”

  4. Kanguesso Kang says:

    That woman has without a doubt suffered a concussion. Her head violently
    bounced off the floor of the octagon like a fucking basketball. A few more
    KOs like this one and she’ll soon be the female Muhammad Ali, no pun

  5. nitotech says:

    The crowd is cheering this? Whats wrong with these people.

  6. Narwhal Bacon says:

    This is how I deal with internet trolls.
    A swift kick to the face and they’ll shut right up.

    I tip my hat to you m’lady.

  7. ImaKiwi butImnotafruit says:

    Some girls are girls and some girls are men.

  8. chrissy audin says:

    Haha it wasn’t alcoholic though. Just incase I was concust lol it was
    brilliant. Hats off to her ya no. But I’m perfectly fine and back training
    tonight..can’t rid of me that easily :)

  9. alphared10 says:

    That was nasty i hope her head is ok no brain damage are broken jaw, this
    is a dangerous sports stuff like this happens sometimes no hard feelings
    towards the winner.

  10. shadowscarnage says:

    That sounded like her jaw got shattered into little pieces. There was this
    French kick boxing match that I watched where this guy gets his jaw snapped
    into little pieces, but he wasn’t knocked out. 

  11. JayBoogie950 says:

    She wasn’t prepared for that fight. No reason at all why she should have
    dropped her right hand there.

  12. DwwwD says:

    Bitch you just got knocked the fuuuuuuuuck out.

  13. Chad Plainview says:

    “DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!”

  14. RevolutionRapter5000 says:

    That reminded me of one Holly Holm’s knockouts and Miesha Tate getting
    knocked out by one.

  15. Michael Osborne says:

    “Go Chrissy”

    Oh, she did go….To sleep!

  16. GearsDemon says:

    holy shit

  17. fart box says:

    was there a sniper in the crowd?

  18. chrissy audin says:

    Of course i’m still fighting. I love this sport, unlucky for me she saw an
    opportunity and took it…was an amazing KO. Hats off to the lass. It’s
    made me wanna get back in even more

  19. sandysanchez4 says:

    0:36 “go on crissy”
    more like goodnight crissy

  20. Matt Drudge says:

    The fake under dramatic reaction is almost as bad as the backflips. /yawn

  21. idcstfu tawtwwd says:

    would still get fucked up by ronda rousey

  22. T.M. Samuels says:

    that noise man…good grief

  23. Timothy O'Shea says:


  24. t666nu1 says:

    dat bitch got slapped

  25. Sonny Roux says:


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