25 comments on “VIDEO: MMA fighter convenience store clerk beats up men robbing Houston gas station”

  1. magzire says:

    I wouldn’t feel safe working there after that. They could just pay some
    meth head to walk in and shoot him.

  2. Tom CMF says:

    Surprise mother fucker.

  3. Ivan Velez says:

    That’s pretty much fucking Houston Texas everyday in the south part of it
    …some homeless assholes tried stealing my bike today .

  4. MysticSunGreatHost says:

    Good job, store guy!!

  5. Vin Lee says:

    if u want to find the other 2 suspects check the local hospital haha

  6. Waseem Ayoubi says:

    i think all clerks should learn how to fight to defend themselves lol

  7. Syahmi Abdul Majid says:

    If shop care by Muslim we ask The Reason why rob ? if we like the reason we
    give money and map to masjeed to get brainwashed and become good person who
    are more patient with life , Allah Will he may granted opportunity to work
    a good job.

  8. ThePCNoob says:


  9. Tom Petiford says:

    truly heartwarming

  10. J0m says:

    So satisfying to watch them kicks and punches landing.

  11. Vin Lee says:

    instant favorite haha love it

  12. victor gonzalez says:

    He got knooked the fuck out

  13. Hinz Zimmler says:

    That MMA fighter will get his own tv show now. Only in America. 🙂 It’s
    great to live in America.

  14. curry smith says:

    Full video of the fight

  15. Native Dawg says:

    Boring! Yaaaaaawn

  16. NightWolfXVI says:

    You don’t fuck with MMA fighters. 

  17. Lazy SoFa says:

    Awesome!! Karma is a biyaht!

  18. Snackyy says:

    Finally a real MMA fighter “footage” that beat up robbers.

  19. King Methods says:


  20. justin chan says:

    Thumbs up for censore!

  21. Matty Cakes says:

    Finally!!! Haha good for u!!! 

  22. Thivanka gunasekara says:

    As sri lankans we are proud of you, ADAMBARAI YALUWA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Matthew Cowey says:

    Dat shoe throw tho (o_0)

  24. xtrnext says:

    And in broad daylight too!! Scary!! Do they stay inside the store at night?

  25. mugentech87 says:

    drop bones on them.

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