24 comments on “Voter ID Laws, ISIS in Anbar, MMA Arrest & Tar-Coated Crime | TYT140 (October 10, 2014)”

  1. Sub LBC says:

    This was not funny at all.

    In fact, it was fucking pathetic…

  2. JimboVids2 says:

    Still whining about voter I.D. laws? Sheeesh. What’s so motherfuckin’ hard
    about getting an I.D.? Liberals will walk 10 miles in 2 feet of snow to
    score an ounce of pot, but can’t get to the DMV for an I.D.

  3. Alex g greenfurt says:

    will you morons stop bitching about voter id laws, just get a fucking id
    its not hard.

  4. Koala Bear says:

    I know this question is of topic but could the Republican Party if elected
    in the elections be able to ban sam sex marriage throughout the entire
    United States and go to war wi any country for any reason such as when
    California had that drought they could have invaded Canada for their water
    reserves and the Scandinavian countries for our oil?

    I know that the every party in America is inherently right sided but some
    milder than the others but could the president or party in power have that
    sort of power or other scary powers that could happen?

  5. Proudd Liberall says:

    IDs to get a gun is ok, IDs to vote is racist. Duh!!!

  6. thesparitan says:

    Dave Rubin still on. Doesn’t he have war crimes to defend? 

  7. PlasteredDragon says:

    Dave Rubin — stop telling jokes. You SUCK at it.

  8. Jefferson Steelflex says:

    Dave is looking sexier than usual.

  9. Billy Winters says:

    voter ID laws are a non issue made into a political talking point by both
    sides. They are not discriminatory and there’s no evidence of voter fraud.

  10. PhantomQueenOne says:

    Florida? And I thought Arizona was the dumbass capital of the US. Of course
    it is counted (by some) that it is part of the deep south, it sure acts
    that way.

  11. Daniel Rose says:

    getting a bit of a beard there i see?

  12. talllikelurchis says:

    How is my dead uncle supposed to vote if they ask for his I.D.??

  13. Ian Warner says:

    Admiral Akbar would never lead a force into such an obvious trap.

  14. OrdinaryGatsby says:

    If you have to explain the joke, it isn’t funny. 

  15. mokmok8080 says:

    I love you Dave.

  16. Amir Kissland says:

    Fan Of ISIS <3 

  17. Bruno Mazzolli says:

    Maybe TYT could partner Dave with Jimmy Dore or someone else for 140? So
    that the second guy can deliver the jokes in a way that they come more
    naturally and are not so jarring.

  18. Mr llorT says:

    i think hitler never held a gun, and baracks obama is actually white.

  19. Gustavo Perez says:


  20. Starshine Frost says:

    Whoohooo, gotta love any Road Warrior reference.

  21. TheLegendOfNick says:

    People, please remember, DON’T FEED THE TROLL(S)!
    Why is that so hard for people to get? 

  22. Mark Blackcloud says:


  23. ThE DuCk says:

    The Evil Empire had nothing on the Evil Republican Party.
    The best way to put an end to Republicans and their constant attempts to
    steal elections or stack elections in their favor with voter suppression
    or gerrymandering districts, would be to do what others countries have done
    to clean up their corrupt electoral process compulsory voting !
    .( hear that ? it’s Rep screaming NOOOOOOO )

    Compulsory voting is a system in which electors are obliged to vote in
    elections or attend a polling place on voting day. If an eligible voter
    does not attend a polling place, he or she may be subject to punitive
    measures such as fines or community service. As of August 2013, 22
    countries were recorded as having compulsory voting.

    If you don’t fix the gerrymandered voting system , Your right to vote or
    not , will come down to.. what Zip Code you live in .

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