25 comments on “Wanderlei Silva & Cael Sanderson training at Kings MMA”

  1. Roll Fizzlebeef says:

    Wand why are you training when you are scared to fight Chael? I have been
    your fan since 2003-2004 and never doubted you but time and time again you
    let us down and this is the biggest one yet. You showed that you are no
    longer a warrior and have grown soft. You are ducking a man that
    disrespected you after disrespecting him back in a bad way. You acted like
    a thug on TUF and lost many fans, but refusing to fight and get tested is
    the worst you could ever do. Stop with the bullshit excuses, nobody wants
    to watch you train if you’re not going to be truthful to your fans and try
    to sort it out with the UFC. If it was a genuine mistake then you should be
    in Las Vegas begging for the fight with Chael but instead you didn’t do any
    of that. That proves to me that you didn’t want to fight him, and that’s

  2. 30mmBalistic says:

    Better start saving that money, after all the crap you pulled it might not
    be coming as easy here on out…

  3. Zachary Perez says:

    That would be insane if Cael Sanderson started competing in MMA

  4. Christer Antonsson says:

    What is Wandy training for? Bellator?!?

  5. csuxak47 says:

    come on wand kill sonnen alrdy man 

  6. rory rory says:

    heyo – anybody knoow wot the dubstep tracks r to this training session ??

  7. joyfulvulture says:

    what the fuck is he training for…

  8. Lucas Pietrzak says:


  9. ACMAaron says:

    lmao cael sanderson would tool silva in a real match. wandy is a good guy

  10. Zero Love says:

    when mma first got going the boxing world was making fun of mmA now i see
    them going too the fights great change

  11. Ted Chazkel says:

    Chael Sonnen is probably so pissed that Wanderlei is training with a legend
    like Cael Sanderson 

  12. antec06 says:

    We were all really looking forward to seeing you and Chael finally get
    down…but it looks like it’s never going to happen. Please get your head
    straight. You’ve always come off as one of the most genuine, nice guys out
    there and everything going on now seems really out of character for you (of
    course this is all being said from an outsider with no real perspective on
    your life).

  13. celso e Jéssica says:

    War wand!!!

  14. Toco says:

    wait, hes talking english with people, but i thought he didnt understand

    im confused now!

  15. JonathanJWB1 says:

    love Wanderlei but he looks juiced.

  16. Eddy Haryanto says:

    lol..its an insult to call Cael Sanderson a “Wanderlei Silva for

  17. Stuart Jones says:

    Cael Sanderson is legit!

  18. tenderberinjela says:

    welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. Really? welcome,
    welcome, welcome welcome, welcome. Sure. Welcome, welcome, welcome. 

  19. Tae gun says:

    War Silva win or lose, will always stay a fan of yours and support in good
    and bad days. You will get you revenge on Chael soon or later, and I can’t
    wait for that day !!!!

  20. rbk915 says:


  21. Bruno de Oliveira says:

    Não aprende a diminuir a porra da musica que mal da para conseguir ouvir o
    que interessa.

  22. Gameforfun says:


  23. ciromrl says:

    o ufc fica se alto sabotando fazendo anti doping, todos os atletas usam, e
    fica essa hipocrisia p geral, sonem manda aquela de ter hipogonadismo e
    geral acredita pqp

  24. Gusto Suarez says:

    So is he training just in case the UFC changes it’s mind and tell him to
    fight at 175?

  25. André Amorim says:

    Duvido que o Wand tenha fugido da luta contra Chael mãos de almofada, sendo
    que o próprio já aceitou uma luta contra o Mark Hunt com menos de 5 dias,
    acredito que tenha sido um mal entendido. Não sei se ele vai lutar no UFC
    175, mas mesmo assim ainda quero ver ele quebrar o Sonnen na porrada!

    WAR WAND!!

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