25 comments on “Wanderlei Silva Off UFC 175; Chael Sonnen vs. Vitor Belfort on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. ANdy Kim says:

    This is the truth:

    YES wand was on steroids. Its obvious that Wand has accumulated way too
    many injuries from all the wars hes been through. He couldnt possibly risk
    being injured in such an important event. He always fulfills his
    obligations and shows up to fight. Has wand been a PED user his whole
    career? Most likely YES. pride didnt care about drug testing.. Now note
    that 90-95% of fighters ALL TAKE PEDs so STOP being naive. Its competitive
    edge. When money and fame is involved people will go through extra measures
    to win.

    NO wand is not scared of pillow fisted sonnen. The Commission RANDOMLY drug
    tested Silva. You know how much it cost to randomly drug test a fighter? It
    cost over 20,000$. I know Wand is extremely disappointed right now that he
    was pulled off from the card. Nobody wants the fight more than Wand and
    thats the truth

  2. Edin Pandzic says:

    hendrix turned down random testing during his fight w gsp….

  3. rapinbatches says:

    wanderlei is my favorate fighter of all time. this definately doesnt look
    good. dont know whats up but yes im disappointed. well see what happens
    with wandy. that being said. im actually glad chael is fighting vitor. he
    called out an older much out of his prime wanderlei, lookin to gain more
    fame. now hes dealing with the #1 middle weight in the world. and an
    absolute killer. chael will get ktfo in the first round. guarentee. 

  4. MultiHinrik says:

    robin youre the fucking man, keep up the the good work!

  5. Lildrummerboy714 says:

    First Chuck Mindenhall calls out Chael for his nonsense and now Robin Black
    sheds some good inside. When are people going to NOT take Chael P.’s word
    for everything??? Thanks Robin I totally agree

  6. therealmo says:

    Why is ramdeen getting off topic?

  7. Petri Rendi says:

    I actually do care what fighters take and I don’t want them to take
    anything just to fight. Let them do this sport like every other sport is
    done, in the limits of regulations and may the best man win. This is a
    sport where the point is to hurt your opponent so the idea of guys using
    “anything” to get an edge in actually hurting someone who doesn’t use that
    is kinda scary. Good thing by commissions about these random testing, hope
    we see more of that but at the end UFC keeps on giving no.1 contender
    fights to proved cheaters

  8. Paul Welsh says:

    Chael vs Vitor is a much more exciting match up. Let’s face it. Chael would
    have murdered Wanderlei. Nothing exciting about that fight

  9. azraelangelofred says:

    First off, you people need to get the damn facts straight about Wanderlei
    and Chael. 1. Chael Sonnen is a LIAR and TRASH-TALKER, convicted felon for
    money-laundering so don’t get on your high horses quoting him. He’d claim
    to be gay and the son of Bigfoot if it would get him more media. 2.
    Wanderlei has to take PRESCRIBED DRUGS for testosterone therapy. His is too
    low for healthy competition now, especially at his age (which often happens
    to 40 and older guys). The average guys is 1:1. Wanderlei’s is too low and
    he requires the medicine to maintain a healthy rate at a minimum. 3.
    Wanderlei withheld from getting a license because the NSAC was debating
    over whether ANYONE should be allowed to compete with ANY traces of
    testosterone therapy drugs as many are trying to use them to enhance their
    performance without having any testosterone issues. He chose not to and to
    not test for it only after the NSAC officially banned the use of ANY
    testosterone therapy whatsoever, prescribed or otherwise. Because if he
    DID, he would be FINED and SUSPENDED. So by refusing to do this and waiting
    for his body to cleanse out the prescribed drugs, it avoids a fine and
    gives him the ability to get a license sooner and fight as soon as
    possible. 4. Chael Sonnen does NOT have in any way, shape, fashion or form
    any testosterone issues found by doctors nor has he ever been prescribed
    testosterone therapy medicine. However, when he fought Anderson Silva in
    the first fight, he tested positive for EXCESSIVE amounts of it. As stated,
    an average person’s testosterone is 1:1. If taking prescribed medicine to
    elevate it due to a low-testosterone issue, it can reach up to 4:1, still
    acceptable for competition. Sonnen’s was 16:9 at the time of the fight.. In
    other words, Sonnen’s T/E ratio was nearly 17 times that of a normal man’s
    and over four times the allowed maximum for an athlete. He took not only
    enough to boost ANY issues of low-testosterone, he FLOODED his body with it
    in a desperate attempt to make up for a lack of actual athletic ability. He
    was fined and suspended for it. Silva had a legit reason for using that
    medicine due to health issues and chose not to test positive RIGHT AFTER
    the NSAC had JUST DECIDED to ban it altogether due to chodes like Chael
    abusing it. This proved nothing. Except how desperate Chael nut-huggers are
    to make him look 100 times better he really is and make his competition
    look less to better inflate his image. How did it feel for him to lose to
    Jon Jones when he had a broken toe? Must have hurt all you fanboys pride
    soooooo much…

  10. onv says:

    Wandy was roiding up as much as he could because that was his only chance
    against Chael..
    What a fucking looser.

  11. MrGundam420 says:

    Sick and tired of Wanderlei, go home get drunk and be a family man.

    Today’s letter of the day is R

  12. gab perron says:

    im a fan of chael hes interesting and charismatic and entertaining. Someone
    like wanderlei can’t even take the effort to learn English . I’m not
    interested in the best fighter if I want the best fighter ill watch jones
    fight. OR other fighters like cormier. This fight was about entertainment
    and its a pity it won’t go through. I think vitor will crush poor sonnen

  13. Tyranitroll says:

    I agree with Robin, but Chael didn’t do nothing wrong. He just predicted
    things right… 

  14. Renzogmg says:

    The question is: Why he didnt submit the papers for the license?

  15. Luciano Donizeti de Oliveira Oliveira says:

    Belfort win knock Sonnen out!!
    Just a punche!! Sonnen cant’t take a real fight! If Vitor knocked out
    Hendo, he will rip Sonnen’s head of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mizter Sinister says:

    Wanderlei did tell Chael when they would fight then Chael took him down and
    got robbed of a shirt by Dida. He probably thought that was the entire

  17. MrOpenConversations says:

    Totally agree, never got to meet Wanderlei but my coach and teammates have
    pics with the man.

    Met him at the wild bill fight card here in Atlanta when our teammate was
    fighting, wandy actually went out to eat with them later on.

    And rob is right, Chael has NO room to talk. Guys been on the juice for a
    long time.

  18. dementia312 says:

    That’s a great thumbnail! As soon as I heard I wanted to see Robins’
    reaction! Sorry Robin!

  19. BanEntitled Brats says:

    Basically Wanderlei refused to take the drug test because he feel he’s
    going to lose the fight against Chael.

  20. ANdy Kim says:

    god dammittt!!! I wish this fight happend so bad….. :(

  21. Toonses says:

    I bet you guys Vitor is going to somehow dodge the fight too.

  22. Lopata991 says:

    How much PPV buys does an average UFC card get?

  23. Edge Snob says:

    Wanderlei Silva should get his walking papers for this!

  24. brian kelley says:

    Vitor vs Silva ?!?!?!

  25. Helder Quintas says:

    great point this guys made!

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