24 comments on “War MMA 1 weigh-ins”

  1. forzaazzurri101 says:

    pre…. pretty eyes?

  2. jjn931 says:

    How can we see these fights?

  3. Mrgummiwurm says:

    Yeah Ninja!

  4. lMarxthoN says:

    And it’s only been like a month and they’ve gotten this far with it… If he wanted, they way things have been rolling, within 2-4 years it could go big.

  5. Ricardo Mendez says:


  6. lMarxthoN says:

    You’re a fool. HATER. It’s not intended to go big, it’s for local people in Stockton for Nick to give back to the community for supporting him.

  7. lMarxthoN says:

    Have you watched The Ultimate Fighter ever? People get wasted in the house almost every night… Then they go and train the next day… I don’t drink, I don’t plan on it, but if someone does it doesn’t mean they can’t be high-level athletes.

  8. Hugh Mannity says:

    A Nick Diaz promotion without Nick Diaz promoting, just as expected.

  9. Nick Rodriguez says:

    def jam meets mma lol

  10. PatMunua says:

    Lol this is too ghetto

  11. payrolls says:

    I guess Nick Diaz wasn’t joking when he said that he wasn’t making George St.Pierre money

  12. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    More like fail promotion.

  13. Imhim247 says:

    this look weird as fuck.

  14. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    fuck daniel roberts .1 llb and your bitching ?

  15. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    Yeah, its easy to take this seriously when after the stare down, he goes right for a beer.

    Yeah, high level athletes here.

  16. 1Ryden says:

    Freakshow promotion.

  17. Slawomir Pulcer says:

    I wish the all the luck. So far that looks like a circus

  18. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    hahaha oh wait your serious? Yeah, thats going to happen

  19. sage4000 says:

    lol “If you see da police! Warn a brother”

  20. belgutei bayarsaikhan says:

    as long as they weighs-in it don’t matter where !!! why would they waste money on a big place ? and did nick came ? i did not see him in da video ?

  21. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    This is going to fail so bad. People will watch for the novelity at first, but once people realize how pathetic it is that will be the end of that

  22. jghidalgo307 says:

    Wtf is he holding the mic like that? Lolll its going to be hard to take this promotion seriously, even if they are trying to keep it “real”. Oh well more mma fights for us

  23. CANADAPLOW says:

    Ghetto mma has arrived lol. I really hope this promotion succeeds

  24. jghidalgo307 says:

    Weight ins at a buffalo wild wings? Expect a big ass brawl soon

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