25 comments on “Was Johny Hendricks Robbed? FULL INTERVIEW”

  1. c Vogel says:

    Hendricks got robbed. I like gsp but that just wasn’t fair. Good ol Vegas!

  2. ZombieKiller1348 says:

    LOL!! It’s soooo fucking hilarious that Hendricks is bitching about the GSP
    fight. Tough shit Hendricks. Now you know how Koscheck, Pierce, and Condit
    felt when you robbed them.

  3. Raun Smith says:

    People are still arguing about this fight? Jesus give it up, Georges won
    that fight.

  4. simon Djan says:

    Hendricks does not have the heart or the mind of a champion or a
    humanbeeing, he is selfish and arrogant,. He doesnt deserve to be a
    champion.even if he becomes a champion he will be forgotten quickly or
    rememberd as the arrogant idiot champion that everybody wants to see
    knocked out and hates.

    Hendricks says I dont care about George
    I got kids bla bla bla..
    He doesent know a thing about GSPs problem’s
    He doesnt know how serious it is to GSP.
    Dont make fun of other peoples problems that you havent got a clue about.

    When that day when hendricks will have problems with his kids, family or
    sleep or whatever comes. There wont be anyone that feels pitty for him.

    GSP has heart and honesty he said that he has problem to the public, he is
    a true martial artist.
    A guy like Hendricks would never be honest and admit such a thing to the
    public like GSP did.

    He should care about GSP’s problems, becuase GSP is the only guy that can
    get him a re-match with GSP. as I said no heart

  5. Kain Makron says:

    Yea, Lets see after a few years of being champ how johnny likes it lol i
    mean hes already 34 or something right?

  6. Will Jeffrey says:

    WHERES THE BEARD!?!?!?!?!?

  7. Edin Pandzic says:

    hendricks lost lol….I really have no idea how he would think that he

  8. JoblessGuydotnet says:

    Really like johnny , except calling BS on “he looked like ….”. GSP is
    known to bruise easily, look at all his 5 round fights. That really
    shouldn’t change the fact that it was a split decision. “Looks” and
    “Damage” has nothing to do with the point scoring system in UFC. Really
    like you johnny, but don’t be an idiot.

  9. waalex11 says:

    HOLY FUCK! When I saw the thumbnail I so didn’t expect that to be Johny xD
    Looks completely different without his super thick beard, finally he
    fucking shaves tho.

  10. buster brojeni says:

    Love this guy even more now. Can’t wait for the rematch! 

  11. Bill Bigsby says:

    Hendricks got over confident and tried to just coast through the 5 th round
    , thats why he lost . He did it in the 3rd round of his carlos condit
    fight. If he thinks he doesnt have to push himself he wont. He better fix
    that before his rematch.

  12. Liberal Smiter says:

    Gotta love these “fighters” who think running 4 miles is extreme in the
    morning lol. The same fighters get on the ultimate crier show I mean
    ultimate “fighter” and cry within 72 hours of how they miss their family. A
    lot of you pussies need to try out the military so you can grow a sack. 

  13. Whoopi Goldburg says:

    whoa wtf. who’s that they’re interviewing.

  14. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    Hendricks its all your fault, YOU LET GSP take the 5th round

  15. ThaiPugnus says:

    Johny has no right too talk about GSP’s complaints. He’s never lived the
    life of a UFC champ, even being a married man with kids, it’s a different
    world. His life isn’t in the gym, he’s not as dedicated as GSP is. He needs
    to shut the fuck up.

  16. alain p says:

    Pass the Drug test Johny if you want the Belt lol boosted

  17. George Costanza says:

    Do you judge the winner of football or soccer by who has more shots on the
    net? NO. Its scored on points.

    Therefore, GSP WON.

    OUCH HENDRICKS, maybe if you knocked him out like you said you would, you
    wouldnt be here crying like the little bitch you are

  18. formchoi2190 says:

    come on, GSP won. let’s just stfu.

  19. Youngster543210 says:


  20. MrGashi1337 says:

    GSP is a poor excuse for a fighter, only plays it safe…Cain velasquez
    Hendricks won that fight and he is champion, even without the belt.
    GSP is like chael sonnen, lame fighter who cant do anything exceptional in
    the ring!

  21. John Frank says:

    Fight 100% next time

  22. dafa Lastdfa says:

    Hendricks didn’t win-He lost in points. It is what it is that Martial Arts
    doesn’t just go by who looks worse at the end of the fight. GSP didn’t and
    wasn’t able to neutralize hendricks’ game like he does so well to other
    fighters. It’s why so many people thought GSP loss, when in reality, he
    still was able to outpoint Hendricks.

  23. Mad Hatter says:

    He talks like Georges has been the Champion for 3 months… Ridiculous talk

  24. Rixon Slug says:

    did any of you watch the fight in the comments? lol Hendricks destroyed

  25. kappy0405 says:

    It’s been a few weeks, so we might as well just tell it like it is now..

    Hendricks couldn’t even finish GSP on his bad night.

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